Monday, October 23, 2017


Where to begin?
Well, on Tuesday we made the 40 mile trek to McAllen to the transfer meeting where I got to see Sister Ellsworth! She's training again!! It was so fun, we were waiting in the chapel to get started and someone told me that she was here, and I turned around and there she was--and at that exact moment she was told that I was here, whipped her head around and started running towards me. So, after hurtling over the the people sitting in the pews we hugged. :) She started crying, what a sweetie. Anyways, so that was really fun. It was nice to see her. :)

So my new companion is Sister Woodworth. She is from upstate New York (like 15 minutes from the Sacred Grove). So that's really cool. She is such a sweetie, very indipendent, and I love her! She says "hola!" to everyone and she's not afraid to use her Spanish. She knows more than she thinks she knows. SANNY B IS AWESOME!!

Sister Kovacs-Martin is also training, so we have two greenies in the apartment: Sister Woodworth and Sister Zidek. She (sister Zidek was raised in a Catholic-Mormon home. She attended both churches, and a little before she was 18 was able to be baptized. Her story is super cool.) 

Also, some of the people we are working with have officially become new investigators!! (we have to teach them twice in order for them to become "new investigators", or they have to come to church and have a lesson. So it's been really a struggle the last two transfers putting in all zeros for our key indicators. We have been working, but it has definitely been a struggle and a trial of not having anyone that we have been really working with/sticking with. So we have the Amaro family and the Nava family (or the "Catholic family") 

Our Catholic Family we found at the end of August, went back the first Saturday in Septemeber and got to know them, but never set a return appointment. Two Saturdays ago, we (sis Jamile and I) stopped by and had breakfast with them (because they were in the middle of cooking it. haha) and  we taught them the Restoration. They are a very catolico family. But the Spirit kept telling us that we need to teach them and that they need what we have to say. So we passed by This past Saturday and taught them about the Plan of Salvac[t]ion. I lost one of my rings outside and looked for it when we left. Margarita (the mom) asked what I was looking at/for. She started looking to, but I said not to worry about it. OH! Also when I lost it, I said a little prayer--if I find it, then they are prepared to hear our message. So then we were walking away from the house, and Moises (middle son of three sons) ran up to us with MY RING IN HIS HAND!!!! So now we are going to continue teaching them. 

We asked Sister Zidek what her thoughts are and why she kept going to the Mormon church. (Her dad is Catholic, and so Catholic church was always a priority over our (the Mormon) church. And without hesitation, she said "the Spirit." She said that once someone steps into a dedicated church meetinghouse, they can immediately feel the Spirit. And she said that she doesn't feel it in the Catholic Church. So we are hoping to get some fellowship with our family, because every convert needs a FRIEND!!!

Love you tons!!
Sister Fry

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Where on earth did this transfer go? I only have two more and the second to last transfer starts TOMORROW!!! Ahhhh!

In other news I am staying here in San Benito and Sister Kovacs-Martin and I are both training. So we get to drive to McAllen tomorrow to get our GREENIES!! (and to drop off Sister Juchau and Jamile for their new areas!)

In other news, we had interviews with President and got some good counsel for how to help our area. Also after that as we were waiting for our zone to finish so we could have a zone meeting, (so sister Jamile has been complaining of an itchy head) so I checked her head and sure enough, we found lice. So after zone meeting we got the shampoo, so that when we turned-in for the night, we washed it and combed it. We then proceeded (I'm using the royal 'we' here BTW) to comb my dear, dear companion's hair Wednesday morning and night, and Thursday morning. Thursday morning was very intense (it took 2 hrs and 10 mins). because there was just one over here, and one over there, and we were doing a very thorough job. haha. But it was good therapy, and now she's lice-free! Oh the joys of sister missionary-hood!!!

We passed the 15 month threshold on the mission on Thursday, and to celebrate we... what did we do... Oh, well I combed out my companion's hair. BUT we got to talkt to this really sweet family. The Amaro Family. The mom and two twin daughters have sat down for a lesson with us. The twins are 17 and one, struggles with many things. She really just wants to know if God exists and if He really cares about her. She doesn't want to invest her time and energy into believing in God if He's not actually there. So we gave her a Book of Mormon and told her to read it and pray every day, especially when she feels tempted to do wrong things or has bad or negative thoughts. We know it will help. 

Reading the Book of Mormon every day for an hour has really strengthened my testimony of its power. I'm reading about Ammon and Aaron and the other sons of Mosiah in Alma 25-30 today and just feeling the same as they felt as missionaries. Knowing that someone else struggles sometimes and that people don't want to listen and don't want to care has helped me see the bigger picture and remember that this is not my work, it's God's (Moses 1:39). Also, Saturday we had a GREAT (in fact the perfect) day planned, and when all of our plans fell through, I remembered what one of my district leaders, Elder Puga, said to me my second transfer in the field, that when we plan, WE PLAN OUR FAITH. And como quiera--we planned in a lot of faith. And when that didn't work out, we followed the promptings of the Spirit and when where God needed us to go.

Love you all. Enjoy the fall! Write a letter, be a Good Samaritan, and love your enemies!
Sister Fry

nice clouds yesterday!
mira! A tiny little rainbow from my bike was on my foot. #tendermercies #
fixing the bike!!--again. :)
Sister Fry--the cat whisperer. MIRA I WAS WEARING A COAT, A SWEATER, AND MY SHIRT ALL DAY!!! It was just a little chilly--not chilly. Just fresh. Unless you are my companion from Hawaii, in which case it is "freezing." haha! and She goes to school in BYU Idaho! :D

Monday, October 9, 2017

Querido Gente (Dear People)

What a week! We did so many things I don't even know if I can tell you all everything!!

President has talked about 'letting go' so that we have more room to receive blessings! Dejamos mucho (We really want). Casi cada dia(almost every day). Pasamos por personas y tenemos una leccion con ellos (we visit people and have a lesson with them), y sentimos muy bein (and we feel very good), pero no quieren eschuchar (but they do not want to listen), o no sentimos que ellos estan listos (or we do not feel they are ready), o lo que sea (or whatever). Entonces ayer cuando estudie (So yesterday when I studied) Jacob 5, recibi mucho consuelo y respuestas (I received a lot of comfort and answers). Porque sentimos que hemos hecho todo (because we feel that we have done everything)!! Pasamos por los antiguos investigadores (we visited the old investigators), y menos activo (and less active) y miembros que no todos son miembros (and members that not all are members) y tocamos puertas (and knock on doors) y usamos el libro de area (and use the area book) y elderes futuros (and future elders), y no podemos alcanzar (and we cannot reach them) (Jacob 5:47). Entonces senti que algien tambien ha pasado por esto (then I felt that someone else has also been through this too). Y en Enos 1:20 dice(And in Enos 1:20 it says) "And I bear record that the missionaries of San Benito did seek diligently to restore the San Benito-ites unto the faith in God. But our labors were in vain" they still want to be Catholic or don't act or whatever. But reading this yesterday just helped me to really see why this chapter is important. How we (I) need to "spare it a little longer" (v 50).

We were also blessed this week to see Sister Salinas. Every time we say that we are going to drop them/not see them as often, without fail, we feel prompted to see them. So it was on Saturday. We swung past and Juan Jr was mowing the lawn. And so we locked up our bikes, and he left with a friend (didn't see us). So we were like "now what do we do?" But their door was open, and Sister Salinas was there. So we had a nice chat with her and then we asked how her Book of Mormon reading is going. She and her husband have been reading together!! And they have been praying and opening up the book to a random page and finding their answer. So now he is reading it too. Then Brother Salinas called her! And she said that she's "just here, talking with las misioneras"(the missionaries) and he asked to speak to us, I put it on speaker and said HI!! and he just thanked us for coming by his family and to no deja de ir y visitarles(don't stop going and visiting them) . So that's why we haven't been able to stop going by. Because he is praying for us. And that really helped too. :)

We also made some good plans yesterday at coordination to strengthen and organize our rama (branch) so we can be a ward here soon. It was so cool! Every Mission 3rd has to start with a San Benito.

So that's really it for this week. We had to go to Bike World three seperate times this week. Sister Jamile ran over a screw on Tuesday, the other sisters' bike wheel was bent a little bit, and on Thursday I ran over a nail too! Yesterday, Sister Juchau said, "last week it was our car, this week it was our bikes... Satan is really working hard on us!! What will it be next? our legs??" Haha. And then she stepped on two nails yesterday, and had to go to urgent care. Let the games begin!! haha. oh the life of a misisonary. I love you all so much, and if you ever need answers or love from God, just say a prayer, open the Book of Mormon and read!

Have a great week! See you in three months!
Hermana Fry
Showed these two videos at Coordination to get the animo up. :)

Bike adventures!!

OREGON!!!! (only made me a little trunky)

this is what happens when Sis Kovacs-Martin gets bored a Chick-Fil-A. That's strawberry Jelly by the way. :D

Saturday, October 7, 2017

It comes in handy to have a K-Mart

 September 25

Well, this has been an interesting week. Starting out with today when our car wouldn't start. Luckily this nice man pulled into the parking lot of our apartment complex and asked if we needed help. He came back a few minutes later with jumper cables (after asking just about everyone in our apartment complex) and we started the car. Luckily Sister Kovacs-Martin (Kmart) also knows how to jump a car, but the rest of us learned today. Our car Mac ("Lucy Mac Smith") is currently sitting at Firestone, and we walked to the library. :)

We love being missionaries!! Even when all the cards are against us and we can't find anyone who wants to listen, we were blessed this week!!!!

We found Fernando, who has only been in the US for two years and is from Tampico. He has sounded super excited whenever we call, and we taught him the Restoration after having given him a Book of Mormon. The Vega sisters are the cutest 15 and 12 year-olds you ever could meet. We met them on Thursday and went over Saturday and they had said they have read some of the pamphlet and wanted to come to church! What a blessing!! And although they weren't able to come yesterday, we have high hopes for them and are going to see them later this week!!

In other news, we finally did some service for this lady! We were walking around contacting some houses and gave a card to this lady who said that missionaries were supposed to come cut her lawn three months ago. We don't really know how, but suddenly we were mowing her lawn! It took about an hour, but the sun went down and couldn't work any more. But it was so fun!! I love service!!

Get pumped for conference this weekend!! Whether you're old, young, member, friend, sister, son, whatever; WATCH CONFERENCE!! We will also be having zone conference this week, so it is a week of conference. Get glad and stand up for what you know is right!!
See you next week!
Sister Fry

Monday, October 2, 2017

What a Conference Week!!

Ahhh!!! Sorry I got super distracted. I'm going to "pull a missionary" and do more next week. But I loved general conference and am excited to read them again because I didn't quite understand all the Spanish that was going on.

But I know that this Church is led by Jesus Christ, and that he is at the helm. I know that we are led and guided by living prophets and apostles and that if we heed their counsel, we will never be led astray. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and I am so excited to read it in a month as a mission.

Please stay safe and remember who you are and what you stand for! You are a child of God! And He loves you!!

Love you to the moon and back!
Sister Fry

Sister Fry and More dogs. She just jumped out at me. she was sitting in between my legs for a very long time as I was scratching her. But alas, the camera slowness was not able to capture the moment. ... but it did the following moment!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Attitude of Gratitude

Well this week has been quite the week!

At the beginning of this week, we let little things into our companionship (i.e. little frustrations and things), and so we didn't have the Spirit with us. And we know that "if ye receive not the Spirit ye shall not teach" (D+C 42:14). So we didn't get a lot done this week. Then we went on exchanges and after Sister Jamile came back to the area, we kept saying "I'm so glad you're back! I missed you!" It was super fun. We get so used to being with our own companions that we expect the other to fill in our words/sentences etc. Anyways, it was a super good week.

AND we are working on being grateful. We are saying things that we are grateful for every time we are frustrated or tired or disanimadas or anything. So it's great! We love it! We are ten times more happy now because we are being grateful.

I'm reading a talk from President Monson called "The Divine Gift of Gratitude." In it he says:
"We can lift ourselves and others as well when we refuse to remain in the realm of negative thought and cultivate within our hearts and attitude of gratitude. If ingratitude be numbered among the serious sins, then gratitude takes its place among the noblest of virtues."

I love being grateful. It is not happy people who are grateful, but grateful people who are happy. 
So, take it from me: BE GRATEFUL!! You'll be happy, and you will feel less selfish. :)
Con amor, Sister Fry
Oreo cookies? or sister missionary arms?

Monday, September 11, 2017

Bike DAYZ!!!

So Wednesday we got a call from the STLT's saying that they were taking one of our cars! So now the four of us sisters are sharing a car, but we love it and are using our bikes a TON!!

He has two daugthers ages 9 and 10, and they all three came to church. We taught them about the Restoration of the Gospel and about the Plan of Salvation. His mom is a Jehovah's witness and he called her one day and told her that we have been coming over. And he told her "Do you know what happened 200 years ago? Someone [Joseph Smith] saw God and Jesus Christ." Well that sent her into this whole spiel, but basically he defended us and saying that if God wanted someone to see Him, then it would be possible. IT WAS SO COOL!!! 

Running out of time, but I love being a missionary and Congratulations to Valerie and Chris on HENRY!! I was praying for you all this week. !!
Love you!!
Sister Fry

we found this awesome thing by the Resaca.