Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Mission: Accomplished!!

Oh my heavens! Where did the time go!??

Well, ladies and gentlemen, sisters, brothers, aunts, friends, associates, and that dog over there, it's been great!! I've loved my time serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know that this church is led first and foremost by Jesus Christ Himself. That He stands at the head and He guides, inspires, and reveals restored truth to the prophets of God. I know that this church is led by modern day prophets. I know that the timing of the Lord is perfect. I am eternally grateful for the impression 22 months ago that I needed to serve a mission. My life has changed. I still have weaknesses and faults and I'm not quite perfect yet, but I have a whole lifetime to become greater. :)

I know that the Book of Mormon is the history of the people in Ancient America and to me, it is a representation of God's love to all His children. That he knows, remembers, and counts all His children. --And if you don't know that, get on your knees and ask God how He feels about you. He loves you. He knows how you tick. He's your Father! Of course He loves you and cares about you! But He also knows what's best for you! Sometimes you have to suck it up and eat your vegetables even though you don't want to, because they are good for you. That's how trials are in our lives. Sometimes we have to tread through deep water so that we can come off better swimmers for later trials and tests.

I know that God lives. I know Jesus Christ is His son. I know that His church is once again established on the earth, and that all the keys of the kingdom and eternal life are restored. That families can be forever only through the ordinances and covenants we make in the Holy Temple. I know that there is power in the temple. Even just sitting on the outside, meditating and thinking and praying. I know that those are sacred edifices dedicated to the Lord. And I know being able to go inside the House of the Lord is a sacred, holy privilege that anyone can have. 

I know that repentance is real. I know it works. I know that when we forgive and repent of our past sins and mistakes, God will "remember them no more" (D+C 58:42-43) and He will take away the grief and pain of those choices. He will bless you. He is ready and eager to bless you in whatever way He can. He sends ordinary people to do extraordinary things. All it takes is a little bit "extra"!

I know that I was called to this mission for a reason, and I am grateful for all the support you all have shown me. Love you and see you in two!
Con muchisisisisisisimo amor,
Hna Fry

But what would be an email without pictures????

MEXICO!! Imma miss seeing you!!
They covered up their plants from the cold, but they just look like monks. :)
Even the monkey testifies of the Libro de Mormon! (LDM)

Monday, January 1, 2018

I've run out of subject lines.

AHHHHH! The time has finally come for me to start my LAST week in the mission!! BUT before we get too ahead of ourselves, a recap of last week.

Well, we dropped one of our investigadores and our other family moved to Dallas, haha. So we are back to square one of FINDING!! Our favorite thing to do as missionaries!! (And that's not really sarcastic. We actually like it sometimes.) haha. BUT on Tuesday we were trying to contact some people and I just had this realization of "where did this month go?" And we just felt like all our efforts went to waste because we have two investigators, and we weren't making any progress in the area and AHRGGG! BUT THEN (oh this was so cool!!) I had the thought about the currant bush (https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2012-01-014-the-will-of-god?lang=eng) and the thought came to mind that God cuts us down sometimes so that He can create something better out of us than we ever could of ourselves. And so we said a prayer, repented, and opened our mouths and we have just had so much fun this week. And that's how you know that you're doing something right--if you're having fun. :)

And after Church on Sunday I got a blessing for this last week in the field, and we went out to find people! It was so wonderful! There were so many fireworks, but we were safe. :)

Anyways, we went on exchanges and had our last role play session as sisters and we are freezing and cold and wet and happy and sick (my companion) and plugging along, and trying to love every minute of it! I don't know what else to say, but Happy New Years! I just closed an entire calendar year of being a missionary! So when anyone asks where I was in 2017, I can honorably say that I was serving a mission. :)

Con mucho amor,
Hna Fry
Frozen palm trees!!
Look at all the things I collected from the ground IN ONE DAY!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

It was so good to see your lovely faces!! Missed saying goodbye to Matt and Aly, but hope the kiddos get to feeling better. And to everyone else, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

It has been such a good week! We have done just about everything imaginable this week!
We saw one of our investigators, Patricia after roleplays on Thursday, and we had just roleplayed (we like practice teaching) about the commandments--fasting, scripture study, praying, obeying the 10 commandments, etc. and we went by and invited her to fast to know if the Church was true. Then when we left we called a member to see if she could fast with us and Patricia and to come with us the next day for the follow-up. She couldn't come but she fasted with us, and we went over Friday, and Patricia didn't fast. We were devastated!! But we told her again of the blessings of fasting and invited her to fast on her own. 

But from this experience we have learned many things. Often, when we fast for someone (an investigator, member, less active, or even for something in our own lives) and something doesn't feel right, we are unusually grouchy, etc. It usually means that whatever we are fasting for isn't right. And so when we left Patricia's house, we felt... well, almost relieved. Although she may not be ready quite yet to receive the gospel, we know that she will be ready one day to listen and act. And we know that in the meantime God will protect her, as well as the many other investigators and children of God out there. :)

Other than that, we had our Mission Christmas conference, and we have spent some time down in El Cenizo and Rio Bravo (southern part of our area). Which has been kind of fun.:D

Met some cool members. Ate lots of Temales, took some pictures, and just had fun!
And somehow I only have two more weeks in the mission?!? How did that happen??

Anyways, I love you!!
Hna Fry
Impenetrable fence! However will we cross?
Small children playing in the river right next to Mexico!

Monday, December 18, 2017


Can I just say that my companion makes me laugh so much??

Haha. Anyways,
Estamos trabajando con dos familias, (We are working with two families)
Patricia (quien es una nueva investigadora esta semana!!) (who is a new investigator this week). Su hijo es un antiguo investigador,(Her son is an old investigator) y nosotras somos el tecer pareja de misioneros que han pasado por ella (and we are the third pair of missionaries that have been by her) y consigio lentes y leemos un parte del Libro de Mormon con ella (and got glasses and we read a part of the Book of Mormon with her) y explicamos y sentimos el Espiritu muy fuerte(and we explain and feel the spirit really strongly). So estamos emocionadas para ella.(so we are excited about her).

Tambien, Hno Perez y su familia. (Also, Brother Perez and his family) Ellos han pasado por muchas pruebas, (They have endured many trials) PERO cuando les enseƱamos la Restauracion, (But when we taught them the restoration) ella nos dijo (la mama) que ( she told us (the mom) that) nosotros contestamos muchas de las preguntas que ella ha tenido en su vida. (we answer many of the questions that she has had in her life).

Oh my heavens, this is the promised land!! I love it here! Our Branch President asked us if it is dangerous to live so close to the river, but we don't hardly even notice it. We love looking from the tops of the hills and seeing Border Patrol so close to us! We have been running everywhere, and managed to get soaking wet. But this week has been absolutely amazing. We are starting to get some love from our branch--now that they really know who we are, and we have some amazing appointments to see some menos activos (less actives) this week.

We learned how to make Chapurado (or however you spell it) (maybe champurrado)so next Christmas, I'll make y'all Mexican Hot Chocolate!! Other than that we're working hard and come home tired every week!
Love you!!

Also, Happy Anniversary Matt and Aly!! 4 years? what???
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!
Sister Fry
Our little Christmas tree sent from Mama Wilhelm!

we saved a cat!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Fog? Or Carne Asada?

Yesterday there was a futbol (soccer) game, and the Tigres won, so everyone was cooking and doing barbacoa y carne asada y todo (BBQ and meat and everything), so there was this fog that YOU COULD EVEN SEE IN MEXICO and it was really crazy. But the Tigres won, no se preocupen (so don't worry).

Also many things happened this week.
>>Tuesday: mini zone conference and interviews--President said: "see you soon!" (for my dead interview) haha
We also went to the doctor for Sister Wilhelm, and now she is feeling better, so that's good. We waited in the doctor's office for EVER and they didn't really tell us to leave, until we poked our head out and said "are we good?" jaja.
>>Wednesday I started MyPlan (for returning missionaries to make goals for the future and everything) and I almost cried!! They had the coolest video to start and they just talked about how wonderful RM (returned missionary) life is like. so that was really cool.
WE ALSO BIKED POR TODOS LADOS DE LA CIUDAD (all over the city)!! And it was super cold (43) with wind and drizzle, so we wore a sock on one hand. But it was a really successful day. And I've decided that if it doesn't get colder than 43, I don't have to buy a coat. :)
>>THURSDAY we had roleplays with the sisters and we had a pretty set evening. Sister Cabello called us and said that she had bought gloves for us (b/c we had visited them the night before) so we were in the neighborhood and we stopped by. It was super sweet.
>>Friday was Melanie's birthday!! Happy birthday!!!!!  We did weekly planning and had a pretty bomb day seeing people, knocking doors and trying to use our time most effectively for the upcoming day.
ALSO, other IMPORTANT news is that it did get colder than 43, because it snowed Thursday night and so we woke up to about 1/2 inch of snow Friday morning!! (see pictures attached). It hadn't snowed in Laredo for 13 years, and many children/jovenes had never seen snow before. So we had an early White Christmas!!
>>Then Saturday, we woke up at 4:30am to drive down to McAllen. We had a special visit from not only Elder Cook, but two members of the Seventy as well, Elder Uceda of the Presidency of the 70, and Elder Villareal (who was born and raised and still lives here in the valley). So we had a fun time arranging for the photo and everything, quick shaking hands and then we were off.

Don't have tons of time to explain everything, but Elder Cook bore a strong witness of Jesus Christ our Savior. They didn't come to see the missionaries, they came to see the people and to make a report to President Monson. President Torres told us that he took a trip with elder Uceda to Harlingen and they were talking about how many people couldn't pass the checkpoint and how big the stakes are and everything. Basically about how much the people need a temple here. 

I came on a mission because God prompted me to, and I'm here in this mission to learn from my Mission President, mas que nada (more than anything). Estoy tan agradecida de tener la oportunidad a trabajar aqui y aprender de Presidente Torres. (I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work here and learn from President Torres).

Que tengan una semana exitosa!! (have a successful week)
Con amor, Hna Fry (With love)

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Venga lo que Venga! (Come what may)

Well, we are serving in the Laredo 6th branch--we are the southernmost part of Laredo, and we have some small towns south of Laredo as well that we will be working in. It's really fun because we see Mexico every day!!! We see the lights every night and some tall buildings during the day. And what's more is that when we're at our apartment our phone thinks we're in Mexico. So that's pretty fun. :)

There are more hills here than I have seen since leaving the CCM in Mexico, and I'm so pumped to ride my bike more this week. 

This week has been mostly just organizing the area and meeting some members. The other sisters that work in the English branch are sending us a lot of  referrals, so that's really fun. :D And with that, working through the members and working with the less-actives, we're going to be on fire!!

This place makes me so happy! Seeing Mexico everyday, being silly with my companion, etc. is really fun. My companion is Sister Wilhelm, and she's from Wilsonville, OR, so it's kind of fun to say that we're both from Oregon!! This is her 4th transfer in the mission, and she's so AWESOME!! She got the flu about two days ago, but she's been holding up strong. I love her she's super fun!!

After being in the car for three hours driving up to Laredo on Tuesday we were pooped, got our luggage, charged our phone (the keyboard doesn't work--so that's fun :D), went shopping and sat down for a little bit of food--at 8:30pm. So we made our beds and went to bed. We finally cleaned the apartment today and we can feel the Spirit a lot more now!! The Goodfellows (they are over housing) apparently spent a good chunk of time cleaning our apartment before we came (went from 4 elders to 2 sisters) and so when we got there it was more of "eww" instead of "we can't live here!!" (her words not mine.) :) They also stopped by this morning mid-clean. So needless to say, we are pooped, but we are living in a clean apartment!!

Also my address is
(If you'd like to send things quicker), don't know about packages yet.... but we can let you know what happens!!

This week we will be getting a special mission-wide conference, which only means that there's an apostle and a member of the seventy coming!! We're so pumped!!

Anyways, that was our week
Love you tons!
Sister Fry
yes, that hill you see there--THAT'S MEXICO!! And our lovely friends, the Border Patrol men are nearby. :)  

we were knocking on a member's door, and this GIGANTIC DOG slithered out of this car!! It looked like it was going to eat us!! Luckily, we're still here.

Monday, November 27, 2017

I'm dying in LAREDO!!!!

That's right ladies and gentlemen! We are dying in LAREDO!!! (when we finish our mission we call it "dying" hahah.) Anyways, so I'm "Trunky Transferring" my last transfer and I'm going to Laredo! (I think I've got my point across--right?) We're going to Laredo. I'm SO PUMPED!!!

Quick recap: Tuesday was our last district meeting and we guessed where we were going and Sister Kovacs-Martin and I will be going to Laredo and Elder Shipley to LaJoya.

The rest of Tuesday and Wednesday we contacted a lot and invited everyone and their dog to watch the Christmas video that came out on FRIDAY!! (If you haven't gotten the chance, it's on LDS.org, Mormon.org, Christmas.lds.org, or on YouTube #LIGHTtheWORLD or #ILUMINAelMUNDO)

Thursday we had role plays in the AM--since there are so many sisters finishing their missions and so many coming in, President has decided that we will be doing role plays every Thursday with sisters up to 4 transfers into their misison so that they can get teaching down and see different ways of teaching. It was really cool! Then we went to the Rodriguez for dinner#1, the Cuevas for #2 and the Saldivar's for #3. (the other sisters had 2 more after that too!!). My stomach was so SORE from that and I never wanted to eat turkey again (HAH. We've had turkey at everyone else's house we've gone to this week. haha!!) then we contacted a little bit and handed out some more cards, and found some more potentials.

Friday was weekly planning! and then more finding, the Cuevas for dinner and family history to end out the night.

Saturday morning we went out and can I just say that we are going to have KILLER biking legs because that's literally our form of transportation because need to budget our miles to make it to McAllen tomorrow. Anyways, we did a little bit of contacting in the evening and then I was just thinking about Ice cream. So we went and got ice cream at McDonalds because I was just feelin a McFlurry and we prayed and we didn't get any other revelation other than "it's okay to get ice cream."

Anyways, Sunday was also good, we taught the 10 and 11 year olds about how the pioneers had faith. Then that night we read a chapter from Helaman 8 with the Salinas family. It really brought in the Spirit.

This transfer is going to be the best! Happy holidays to all! LOVE YOU!!
Sister Fry