Thursday, July 21, 2016

Made it to the MTC

13 July 2016
Hey all! I'm here at the MTC! I made it safe and sound and have all my stuff. It took forever to get through immigration but after that all was good. There were five of us in our van and it was crazy driving here. Mom would need a blindfold to be in the car driving around so that she wouldn't freak out.

Love you all! 
um..... OH Pday is Thursday so that's when I'll be emailing. So yeah. I don't know what else to tell all of you except that I'm here and that this Spanish keyboard is really weird. :)

I don't know what else to say.......... ahh! But I'm here safe in Mexico City and it's been great. The pizza we had for dinner was delicious and the slice was the size of my head. haha. Well love you and keep safe and be good! 

See you next week!
Con amor
Hermana Fry
Final goodbye at airport

Sister love

Semana 1

21 July 2016
Hola familia y amigos!!!! HIIIII!

So this keyboard is super weird because it's a Spanish one, but whatever.

Bethany with her companion Hna. Nischan
Where to begin? Well, Tuesday was fun, because we got to come to the CCM (Mission Training Center) and I don't remember what I talked about, but Tuesday is Pizza night. And then I met my companion (Hna. Nischan-- like Nissan but with a "sh") She's from Arizona. And I love her she's the best. 
And then the other hermanas in our room is Hna. Bingham y Hna. Dransfield. They are the cutest. 
So Wednesday we got up and went through so many classes. But it was good. And we learned a lot. Thursday and Friday... and Saturday we pretty much just go through a "normal" schedule: wake up, eat, study, then our maestro (Hno. Hernandez--all the teachers here are like 22 and served their missions somewhere in Mexico, so that's kind of cool--but they also look so much older tan their 20s). anyways, our teacher comes in and teaches us language, ... among other things, and then lunch, and language study and GYM (WHICH IS A GIFT FROM THE HEAVENS--we all love gym time. We go on the bikes or do other workouts or play knockout with others... esta bien.) And then TALL lab which is basically more language study on the computer. It kind of helps you... to learn more Spanish. And then planning, comp. study, dinner and then we've been teaching our "investigator" (he was one of Hno. Hernandez's companions on his mission). But the first lesson was AWFUL Like--so bad. AND he walked out in the middle of the lesson! But the next one was so much better. So that's been nice. But yeah. Then we have a little more language study from "José" *Hno. Madina)--the investigator and then we go to bed!

Pointing to her two homes
And I can not even tell you. I have been sweating every day. TODOS LOS DIAS. But, the temperature has been really nice. Like Sunday (WE LOVE SUNDAYS) when we were walking to breakfast I could totally see my breath. So more like the Pacific northwest here. And it apparently usually rains every night here, but some nights it doesn't.

Okay, so we've been pretty immersed in Spanish here, and it's been coming. It's been a little more difficult to figure out what to study this week, but it's still good. Anyways, so with out roommates we say a prayer before bed and I said it on Saturday TOTALLY in English, and let me tell you: it was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. Like, my mind was automatically translating into Spanish. Oh, it was crazy. But oh, so good.

The food here is... okay. They try to make American food, like chicken cord en blue and hamburgers and spaghetti (that was legitimately just noodles and hamburger on top) but it's ... not amazingly great.  BUT one thing I am so excited to have when we get back to the states is SALT. They don't have any salt. ON ANYTHING!! They just have like this salsa stuff and spicy... seasoning. But no salt. And I like a little salt every now and again on my green beans. But yeah, I've been eating. So don't worry

ALSO, we get to go to the temple today!! yayYY!!! But we get to go 2/3 times in el CCM and this week is our week! So we're leaving at noon from here and won't get back until like 6.

Okay, can I just say it is so beautiful here?? Like everyday we notice something different that we love about Mexico.
Con amor,
Hna. Fry

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