Friday, July 29, 2016

Semana 2

I got pooped on by a bird. It was yellow and chunky, but only on my leg, so that was good. :)

Our devotional Sunday was a talk by Elder Holland (2009--The Divine Companionship) and it was SOOO GOOD!!!! He asked "Was the Holy Ghost the Senior Companion today?" And that was so true this week! We got two new investigators (Rafael y Miguel) and they both want to be baptized and we taught them about the plan of salvation and a little about the Book of Mormon. So yeah. Something we have been taught is that we need to teach people, not lessons, and we need to listen to the Spirit when we teach. And at the end, Elder Holland said, "welcome to the work of angels. Welcome to the Divine Companionship." And I just LOVED that. :D 

There's a little virus going around, and Hna. Nischan got it, it's just a little stomach bug, so Monday was her hardest day, I got a cold on Saturday night, but it's just been coughing and I sound congested, but I'm not. :D Entonces, Elder Watts and E. Gilleland both have it, but E. Gilleland has more of a stomach/belly infection so that's not super good. But they are looking a little better today.

Hna. Nischan and Hna. Fry at the visitor's center
OH MY GOODNESS!!!! We had a devotional on Tuesday and it was by the Seventy that is in this area (Elder Salinas) It was so gooooooood!!! He spoke in Spanish (but we were mostly able to understand--plus there was a translator who was HILARIOUS) a couple times E. Salinas talked in English and the translator translated in Spanish and said "this is much easier". But the only way I can describe him is in the words of Hna. Bingham: "he's like a Latino version of Elder Holland". A couple times he was almost climbing over the podium. He spoke with his hands and it was just so funny. Then he talked about how we can be successful missionaries. Success doesn't matter if you taught a lesson or how many investigators you have or how many miles you biked. Success is feeling the Holy Ghost. ¡Ser obediente con exactitud! No puede fallar. (Be exactly obedient! You cannot fail) and he said that the elders don't really have to worry, but the hermanas get more variety in their wardrobe: "like a flowers". It was adorable.

Hno. Hernandez (our previous teacher--insert super sad face here) talked about how the Gift of Tongues isn't for us. It is for those we teach. The gift of tongues is so we can teach our investigators. He said that God restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ in English, but we were called to speak in Spanish. We have been called to speak in Spanish so that ALL can hear the Gospel in their own language. :D

In front of the temple last week
OKAY. So the temple. The Mexico Temple is one of the biggest temples. so yeah. And the outside was super cool because it had a lot of the aztec/Méxican influences, entonces it was super cool. And yeah. And then their visitor´s center is just super cool! And it's HUGE and there's like a kid's playroom and it's just absolutely amazing. 

Oh, before I forget: I AM WEARING JEANS!! I haven't worn jeans in three weeks and I feel absolutely amazing. Hna. Dransfield: "I forgot I had legs above the knee!"

Sunday will be my half-way mark in el CCM(in the MTC)!! How on earth did that happen??

Con Amor, 
Hna. Fry
*For all of you who don't speak Spanish I have translated those parts in English. But so that you can get a kick out of her Spanglish I have hi-lighted the translation in blue. Enjoy!

Bethany's District from left to right: E. Bensinger, E. Bushnell, E. Wilmore, E. Madriaga, E. Radman (squatting), E. Watts (also squatting), E. Brown, E. Evans, E. Gilleland, Hna. Nischan and I.

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