Friday, August 19, 2016

No More CCM or México :(

That's right ladies and gents we have our flight plans on Monday and I leave Monday (22) at 6:30 AM. Woop! So, excited for Texas, but sad to leave México. It's very beautiful here. So we'll be packing today to weigh everything and repacking Saturday during GYM time to be ready for Monday!!!!!

So. This Week. What happened. Everything. Well, Saturday we had TRC and we taught two girls, one was 18 and the other 11 (they were cousins) and it was so fun!! Because one was preparing to go on a mission and so we challenged her to read her scriptures cada día y it was just really fun because we were in her shoes only a short while ago. Then the 11yr old was super fun because she was sooooo sweet! She has read through el Libro de Mormón TOTALLY. she's read all of it! Craziness! She's an example to me!! And we challenged her to pray in the morning because sometimes she forgets. But that just made me happy. We're kind of secluded here in our little Compound. Presidente Tenorio has family here sometimes so we hear little children screams sometimes and I stop and go "baby!" So it's fun.

ALSO (oh this is so good) on Sunday Pres. Hatch's family came! So we sang "Need Thee Every Hour"--all the hermanas in our zone y when the intro happened, Hna. Olsen played a little on the violin too and I looked back and Hna. Hatch was crying! It was so cool. But yeah. Totally felt the Spirit. ANYWAYS, So after the meeting, we went back to talk with them and it was so fun! Sarah (their oldest) knows the Stotts from Hillsboro--Dillon from BYU so that was cool to make that connection. And Abby (14) is super sweet, and then their twins Kate and Flinn/Flynn are amazing! So we chatted for a long time with them then went to district meeting then picked them up for RS and--let me tell you this much: IT WAS SO GOOD! We talked about faith and hope and all the comments and all the tears and all the Spirit. Loved it. Entonces, we talked for a long time at lunch. and afterwards Hna Nischan an I were talking and we were like "we just want to go to Texas to be with families again!" It was totally the spiritual recharge we needed. 

We met a sweet sister last Pday, Hna Vickie, and she told us her story, it was so sweet. We also played volleyball with our district IN THE SUN for a long time and we were all sunburned a little that night. Woops. Hna Nischan also said " I think my brain is a little sunburned too!"

Monday we were teaching Miguel and he was playing with his little magnet strip thing and during Hna Nischan's testimony we were both looking at each other for a second and hear an "ouch!" and he had clipped it on his lip! It was so funny!!!! And I almost lost it during the prayer. so funny.

We asked Rafael to read Alma 32 about faith and there were
 like 50 pages missing in Alma. Woops. haha
Other random things:
Ran barefoot in the street--felt so good
played a fun game with Hno Medina to learn the months and years--so difficult too!
Heard "I like to move it move it" one night. So good.
Sunday movie "to this end was I born"--so good. About the Savior

OH Tuesday devotional: Elder Montejo. He said to say in our emails home to our families that "Elder Montejo is grateful for all of our help in our country and in the field all across the world. And I have the highest respect for them" (both the parents--love you momma y papá!-- and the missionaries.)

That's all folks! See you en Texas!

John 15:13-14 (from Hna Dransfield), and 15-16 for a good pick-me-up
Con Amor, 
Hna Fry

Beautiful sunrise this morning after breakfast!

Parrots in the trees (super fun to hear at 5:30 AM) :D
E. Evans fell asleep during our Progressing Investigator lesson

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