Thursday, August 11, 2016

So... one month?

How have I already been out a month? Don't ask me. I have absolutely no idea.

So being in el CCM feels like we're not really on a mission, but then also that the mission will be over once we leave. Kinda weird.

Entonces, DOMINGO!!! I love Sunday's here! So RS has changed, we now just meet as a Zone for Relief Society instead of all the English hermanas. But so good. We talked about love and charity (two Christlike attributes) and I shared how Christ washed all 12 apóstoles feet not just the ones that didn't betray Him or the ones He liked the best. But ALL. I also thought about how God and Christ love us for who we are becoming. We shared with Rafael this week about repentance and how we can repent of anything we do wrong or bad or anything and that the Savior's Atonement can take all the shame away. One scripture I have memorized is en Hebrews 12:1-2 and in verse 2 it says
''Quien, por el gozo puesto delante de él, sufrió la cruz, menospreciando el oprobio, y se sentó a la diestra del trono de Dios.'' 
Or in English, "Who, for the joy that was set before Him, suffered the cross, despising the shame of it, and is set down on the throne of God." And I just really like it. :D

I read a letter this week that Shelley sent to me when she was on her mission and in it she said that they had talked about ''what the Book of Mormon is to you?'' So think about that. What is the Book of Mormon to YOU. Why is important in your life and how has it changed your life?

OH MY GOODNESS Doctrine & Covenants section 6, 8, 9. Read whenever you are needing a little pick-me-up. Pray. Just pray. All the time. :)

Oh also, MoTab--From the Prince of Egypt-- the song Through Heavens Eyes, we listened to it during RS a couple weeks ago, and it was wonderful. So right now, Prince of Egypt is sort of the soundtrack to my mission. haha. :)
Something Christy (Hna. Moore <3) said before I left was that you are going to sound stupid but it happens. Like when H. Nischan y yo learned how to say bird in Español, we say it ALL THE TIME now. ¡pájaro!
So yeah. It's coming, slowly but it is so good!!!

Um... I remembered the quote from an apostle that says "if you are too busy to pray and read your scriptures, you are busier than God ever intended you to be." So take 15 minutes to read a chapter or verse. Over breakfast. Listen to it on the way to work. Whenever you can make time to read your scriptures is so good.

This phrase came in my head this week: Have patience, my daughter. So Imma have some patience. It is very important in our lives, because God does not help us when we don't have patience and humility. We need patience. Every Day.

Things I need: Dark chocolate. Salt, normal meat. etc. :D but it's good. *You'll be back in the States soon Sis.

OH we cannot forget this. Okay so Sunday for our devotional--usually just watch an old devo from Provo MTC but) and this week was by Elder David A. Bednar called "The Character of Christ". It was sooooooo good!!!! *She's not joking. It is an AMAZING talk!!!
"The character of Christ turns out when the natural man turns in." And let me tell you this: E. Bednar has an on point Cookie Monster voice. SO GOOD!! It was so funny, but it was really helpful to recognize that that is what the natural man is. It is wanting things for ME. I want cookie NOW. I want baptism NOW. But Christ turns out. And he talked about Conversion and what it really is. He shared an experience where someone asked what he would do if an apostle apostatized. And the person shared that that would be really sad, but it wouldn't effect him. That he was converted to the Lord and to God, not to apostles. Not to the church programs or other trivial things. But converted to God. And how conversion is knowing and consistently living what we know. It's like a two-sided coin. If you don't have conversion, then your testimony doesn't really do very much. You need to start with a testimony and after the trial of your faith (Ether 12:6) and then you KNOW. and As you act on it, you can be converted. PLEASE read the story of the brother of Jared in Ether. He did now see the finger of the Lord as he was touching the stones. READ IT. There is a PERIOD. Ether 3:6 "the Lord stretched forth his hand and touched the stones one by one with his finger." PERIOD. and then the veil was taken from the Brother of Jared's eyes. So we don't know how many were touched before he saw the Finger of the Lord. But E. Bednar said that as each stone was lightened he went through a cycle of faith. How he believed and then KNEW. It was a trial of his faith. So good. So repent and TURN TO GOD. Forget yourself. or, "get over yourself!" in the words of E. Bednar.

So yea. So good. Love you all!
And Hna. Nischan y yo totally twinned yesterday and will get a pic next week!
Hna. Fry

Hna Fry w/ Hna Dransfield (they just happened to be matching)

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