Friday, August 5, 2016

Temple Take Two and Dounut Tree

We got to go to the temple again! And since my headphones didn't work I also got to listen to the session in Spanish! So that's fun! And I understood a lot of it! So: I'm not dead and I'm still here.

Things of this week: 
I know almost all my body parts in Spanish (which comes in handy when you have 9 mosquito bites on mis brazos) haha.
We have been playing volleyball with our district which has been really fun!
We wore jeans last week (which I'm pretty sure I already said, but this week I have a PICTURE!!)

We had a bomb lesson with Miguel about the Restoration of the Gospel and the First Vision--AND I cried. Yep. In Spanish. I LOVED IT.
One night we could hear a band outside and so they kind of lullabyed us to sleep. :D
We sang I Stand All Amazed on Sunday and sang the last chorus acapella in English and oh man did we feel the tears and the Spirit.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read "What is your mission?" By Elder John H. Groberg it is so good! Also, for our Sunday devotional we listened to a talk from Elder Scott <3<3<3 about prayer and it was just so good.
Tender mercy of the week: getting to watch The Restoration on Sunday. LOVE IT.
Hna. Nischan y Hna. Dransfield rented violins this week to prepare for H. Dransfield y H. Bingham's musical number and they sound great.
 Tuesday pizza nights are like manna from heaven. Costco pizza #ftw
pretty sunrise from el CCM
Devotional on Tuesday by Elder Casteñeda who we didn't know was a Seventy until he spoke BUT he has taught some of our gift of tongues classes. Which means: I have shaken... shooken?... shaked? I shook his hand. Woop!! *There goes her ability to remember the correct tenses of verbs in English ;)
We also hear gunshots (of "fireworks") outside almost every day. #onlyinMéxico #nbd #Imstillsafemom. *Wait! She go on a mission and she start using hashtags for #everything?
something super funny that H. Dransfield said was "we're a bunch of teenagers stuck in a compound for 6 weeks." It was to justify them doing something silly. But still. It's true. And when we went to the temple, our rule is also to stay inside the gates. So yep!

Oh, something else, we say prayers together as a room and so this week I was really tired/ready and so I was waiting on the floor to start and Hna. Nischan was like "Oh, Hna. Fry is in the fetal position on the floor, I guess we should pray now." So funny.  *Fetal position = #onlywaytoprayasamissionary ....oh man she's got me doing it now too!

Love you all!
Hermana Fry
E. Madriaga's family sent a doughnut tree and so that's us. 
(taken by our amazing custodian Gabriel--he teaches us funny phrases in Spanish)

*random comments by her wonderful sister Shelley ;)

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