Thursday, September 29, 2016

Deep Cleaning #FTW

So, sorry we didn't email earlier, we were deep cleaning because next week is TRANSFERS! So we'll find out who's staying and who's leaving, but whoever has our apartment is getting a super CLEAN one! :D

Super good week though.
Image result for gif head shoulders knees and toesWe had Zone Conference on Thursday (drove through a storm to get there, :) and it was super good. I got to demonstrate how to do Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes after lunch after Pres. Torres did it en Espanol he was like "Hermana Fry would you come up and demonstrate it in Ingles?" So yeah. That's why they put us sisters in the front row--so we can show 'em who's boss. :)
But we learned a lot and ate super good food and it was super fun!

OH! We met Elder and Sister Wells, they are serving in the Lubbock Texas Mission and go around to all the prisons and I guess officiate Book of Mormon classes and stuff--super cool. So they came to the church in Beeville (they were in town doing some training), during our ward potluck (I made Sister Roth's oatmeal cookies--SO GOOD) and I waved at Sis Wells (the sisters that I was sitting next to were like "do you know her?" And I was like "Nope! But she looks friendly!), but they didn't have their tags on--as a joke, but then put them on, and ate food with us! But Sunday we went to visit Sister Blair who is in a nursing home with Sister Wells and I was flipping through her iPad to find a picture she wanted, and saw a picture of Elder (Tyler) Nelson from Hillsboro! I was like "WHAT?! Elder Nelson is in your mission?!" Super good. So that was super amazing. So We took a picture on her iPad to show to him if she ever sees him. Small world when you're LDS!

[I am so sorry. I say super every other word, but now it'd just a habit and it's never going away. But don't worry--it annoys me too. :P]

Sis Perez took a tumble Saturday on her Bike :( but I got to play doctor which was fun! She had broken pedals for the longest time but got new ones, but one legitimately came off her bike while we were riding. (luckily before we got to the intersection) but her elbow is a little scraped up and her knee and foot (luckily she had her knee wrapped (story for another time) or else it would have been a lot worse.)

But we were really close to the church (where we were meeting with the elders anyway) so when the elders came they kind of just stood at the door with their eyes and mouths wide open and were like "what happened?!" All the while I'm like: go get some stuff from the first aid kit!! But they just stood there for a second until I said "GO!" and then they took off running.

Ahhh mission life.
All is well in Beeville. Found lots of people to begin teaching!
Love y'all!
Hermana Fry

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