Friday, September 23, 2016

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Service at the Scotts! we got in three windows and I stepped in (and sunk into) some mud!
Well this week was super amazing! We had Roleplays at Robstown (isn't that just fun to say?) anyways so that was super good. Sis Perez got a virus that has been going around, so we had to turn in a little early two days, so she could rest up. And she told me a lot of things I can improve on--Super good!! So since then (and humbling myself) we have worked SUPER DUPER hard and have seen a lot of miracles!!

We fasted with a less active so he could find a job, and met someone last night and said that one of the prisons here are hiring! So we raced over to him and told him the good news! Blessings come to those who fast and show the Lord that they want blessings!!!
AND--oh my goodness--SUNDAY.
So we have been trying to get less actives in church and this week 6 (yes SIX. SEIS!!) came! also three of our investigators came too! I almost couldn't sing the opening hymn because I was grinning so hard! oh, so good.

I guess from this week I just have seen how grateful I am to be humbled. If I am not humble, then I don't get any blessings. and everything is just a lot harder. So, sometimes we need to be told what we are doing wrong so that we can repent and CHANGE and do something better with the time the Lord has given us.

Also, I challenge all y'all to invite someone to church! be a missionary! 
A photograph of spring blossoms combined with the words “Learn it, live it, share it.”
Love y'all
Hermana Fry

The elders ran a 5km race to support this boy. Super fun--we got to see them finish, and there was a parade afterwards that we got to go to as well!

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