Thursday, October 6, 2016


Shout out to the cousin who led the music during Priesthood session! We had just sat down to watch during the opening song and I was like "THAT'S MY COUSIN!!" So yay!! The whole world saw my amazing cousin Kenny. :)

Anyway, this week I learned that I was prideful. It was amazing. Like, wow. So we had a little district powwow where we did a little role play and anyway, so Elder Lundberg basically said that we were all being prideful. And so we've been able to fix it a little bit, little by little. YAY! Ether 12:27 says that we have weakness so that we can be humble. And so that's what we're learning!
  • Transfer calls went out yesterday and we are all staying except for Elder Lundberg. So Elder Puga will be our new district leader! woop!
  • General Conference was amazing, as it always is.
  • We have been able to get our feet underneath us a little bit better and we are going to reach standard this week! We have been working really hard, and now it's time to work smarter, and work in the Lord's way (since it is His work.)
  • I read Elder Bednar's talk from last conference (Apr. 2016) about always retaining a remission of your sins, and I liked how he said that we are baptized to prepare us for the gift of the Holy Ghost
  • Alex: he's 20 and has a set of twins and is not married. At first we were only speaking in Spanish, but then when he said a few English words we were like "wait! do you know English?!" and he totally does. But somehow that made it easier for me to talk to him in Spanish. Anyways, so we basically told him that God loves us. And we just told him the simple things. And he started crying! He said that he had been wanting to get closer to God. And so he felt the Spirit so strong! Ahhh! I'm super excited to teach him!!
But something  I liked from Conference was how we need to make sure we have a knowledge of--AND FAITH IN--the simple things. Like Jesus Christ. and a knowledge that God loves you more than you can comprehend. He does!
This is Brother Clem. He is a 6'6" Santa Claus. WE LOVE HIM!!! He hasn't been to church for ... since he's lived in Beeville (30+ years). And we have just been visiting him and loving him and "watching over the sheep".  AND he's been listening to the scriptures as he reads them on his phone! And he watched some of General Conference! And we gave him a little tour of the church too! (p.s. the first time I met him I got stung by that bee--yeah, it's that Bro. Clem). And he works at O'Riley's and so we told him that we might be transferred, but we wanted O'Riely's hats so he got us one! AND he signed it!!

I guess it just goes along with what E. Holland was saying during Priesthood session about home teaching. It's not just a once a month thing, but a consistent thing. Sending scriptures, calling them, making sure that they are coming to church, or going to get them when they are not at church! Anyway, keep watching over your sheep wherever you are in the world!

Love y'all!
Sister Fry

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