Monday, November 21, 2016

Gay Chicken with a Side of Awkward

Cake and sister Butler
Thank you for all the birthday wishes! Sister Butler got me a delicious cake for my birthday! And Sister Torres (mission president's wife) called on Saturday and they wished me happy birthday! Even though it wasn't my birthday, it was still super good. :)

We're doing good things here in Beeville and sister Perez and I are staying here in Beeville! yay! (E. Puga is the only one leaving) So after this transfer, Sis Perez will have been here for 6months and I'll have been here for 4.5mos. Super good! and it's starting to get a little chilly... might have to break out the sweaters!

so, Friday night we had "Gay Chicken" with Brother Gothard (chicken recipe he got from a gay chef when he was living in California) and it was SUPER GOOOOOOD. Like wow. Yes--I did get the recipe. But yeah, super fun. He's kind of a quiet guy, so he didn't talk much, but it was oh so delicious!!

Service at the Seals
And yeah. Amanda will be getting baptized FOR SURE this week and her son's getting married, and her other son always asks if we can say a prayer when we go over. so yep. Super good week!

And we're getting a new car for our area! So we have to say goodbye to Patricia, and say hello to another.

But the church is true and so is the Book of Mormon I'm in the war chapters in Alma and I love them. My new favorite villain is Amalakiah. Because he had this super intricate plan just so he could be king. I have learned a lot from Alma so far and I'm not even done! READ THE BOOK OF MORMON! A verse, a chapter, a page; listen to it, read it, whatever. Just get it in your life a little every day and your life will change!!
Love y'all!
Sister Fry
NEW SUPER CHINA BUFFET. we went twice this week. It is Elder Puga's favorite place to eat. And since he's the one leaving, we're glad we went this week. :)

Sunday, November 13, 2016

El Bautismo!!

31 October 2016
So first off, no. Transfers are not for another two weeks. Sorry everyone.

BUT Bonnie Lou was baptized yesterday! yay! She was just super prepared and it was absolutely amazing. It is super stressful to plan a baptism! But then when things finally got underway, I just took a deep breath and it was all good.
The baptism! that's Chloe, she comes to church and it's great. :)
But yeah. we did service--super high in the air, at the Scott's house. Pretty normal week. 
We were on this scaffolding super high in the air
Except we had Zone Conference again--super good. *And* it was in ROBSTOWN!! Hallelujah! because everyone is low on miles. :) But anyway, we learned about the Restoration and if you don't go to our church, at least go to the Catholic church and president basically just blew all of our minds with the Bible. Fun fact: if you want to read about the laying on of hands in the Bible, it's only in Acts. :)

But yeah, I can't really remember anything that else that happened. But anyways, I gotta go! Love you! Tell you more next week! 

Love y'all!
Sister Fry
went to Denny's after Zone Conference (That's Sister Schickedanz)
7 November 2016

well. Sorry y'all. We are meeting with a member to to to New China Super Buffet. (p.s. I have a video of me eating sushi--it's nasty. And so I don't have a lot of time. AHH. Okay

Monday we went to Robstown to play with the Zone and we played Knockout and I was super sweaty and it was super fun... and I was kind of sore after that. But it was fun to work a little bit on my basketball "skills".

Sister Perez sprained her ankle Tuesday night after playing chess with Brother Gothard, so we stayed inside Wednesday resting. Thursday we worked super duper hard and found a jackpot of apartments, and now have five new people that we're going to see where they're at.

Only had 25 people at church yesterday because of weddings and baby blessings and overall tiredness. But I got the chance to bear my testimony of the Gospel and how much we are blessed because of it.

Love y'all!
Sister Fry

Ice Cream!!!

Okay. Well, Friday we had a nice little surprise during personal study, Elder Puga (DL) called us and said that we had interviews that day and we freaked out a little bit. Some things to know about Beeville: we are an hour away from everything. This isn't necessarily true, but it's pretty much true. :) So we're 45 mins from Robstown, where we have Zone meetings and stuff, and an hour from Corpus. Last week we went for interviews and stake conference (#familyhistory!!!!) and this week we get to go again because we have Zone Conference! The best part about it is: is that we have like 300 miles we can use for our car for the rest of the month, and it takes about 150 to get down to Corpus. #biking4days which really isn't that bad. But anyways.

DQ!!!! #Iloveicecream
oh. let me finish. So interviews were super good. Like five minutes long though. :) So we were there for a little bit, and then we had pizza, but I was still full from when we had DQ ("the stop sign of Texas") --mostly because I had a blizzard and some of the elder's blizzard because they didn't even finish it! and we all know how Sister Fry is about her ice cream. So I was finishing like the last few bites of it and Elder Puga was just watching with his mouth open, like "how on earth can you do that??" because he has to eat it really slow I guess. ANYWAYS, I was still full from that so everyone had pizza for lunch (at like 3pm) but I didn't want any, so but President Torres sat down next to me and was like: "Estas a dieta?" Are you on a diet? do you not want any food? And I told him I just wasn't hungry. But then when I went in for my interview he teased me about it again.

But he also asked if I was "ready to spread my wings and fly"--meaning that I'm almost done with my 12 weeks of training, and technically I could train next transfer which makes me really freaked out and I don't know what to do with my life. It's going to happen. Just wait. AHHHH. Anyways. Lasagna.

So we got invited to the Howards Thursday and we've been looking forward to it all week. So we had lasagna (not as good as Mom's but still super good.), salad, bread, and ice cream. ITWASSOGOOD. and the Howards are an older couple like, 60s/70s and just the sweetest things. And I love them and we love them and it was just great.

So this is my life now. But yeah. Um..... oh we went on exchanges this week, Sis. Phaluane (from South Africa, but moved into the states when she was ten) came and hung out with me for a little bit and showed me how to get referrals easier. and Sis Perez went with Sis. Shickedanz. It was fun to have someone else. We scared Brother Clem and Brother Howard though, they thought Sister Perez was gone and they didn't get a chance to say goodbye! But yeah. Super good week y'all!

Con amor,
Sister Fry
I held a praying mantis! It was white! and it may have been pregnant too!