Sunday, November 13, 2016

El Bautismo!!

31 October 2016
So first off, no. Transfers are not for another two weeks. Sorry everyone.

BUT Bonnie Lou was baptized yesterday! yay! She was just super prepared and it was absolutely amazing. It is super stressful to plan a baptism! But then when things finally got underway, I just took a deep breath and it was all good.
The baptism! that's Chloe, she comes to church and it's great. :)
But yeah. we did service--super high in the air, at the Scott's house. Pretty normal week. 
We were on this scaffolding super high in the air
Except we had Zone Conference again--super good. *And* it was in ROBSTOWN!! Hallelujah! because everyone is low on miles. :) But anyway, we learned about the Restoration and if you don't go to our church, at least go to the Catholic church and president basically just blew all of our minds with the Bible. Fun fact: if you want to read about the laying on of hands in the Bible, it's only in Acts. :)

But yeah, I can't really remember anything that else that happened. But anyways, I gotta go! Love you! Tell you more next week! 

Love y'all!
Sister Fry
went to Denny's after Zone Conference (That's Sister Schickedanz)
7 November 2016

well. Sorry y'all. We are meeting with a member to to to New China Super Buffet. (p.s. I have a video of me eating sushi--it's nasty. And so I don't have a lot of time. AHH. Okay

Monday we went to Robstown to play with the Zone and we played Knockout and I was super sweaty and it was super fun... and I was kind of sore after that. But it was fun to work a little bit on my basketball "skills".

Sister Perez sprained her ankle Tuesday night after playing chess with Brother Gothard, so we stayed inside Wednesday resting. Thursday we worked super duper hard and found a jackpot of apartments, and now have five new people that we're going to see where they're at.

Only had 25 people at church yesterday because of weddings and baby blessings and overall tiredness. But I got the chance to bear my testimony of the Gospel and how much we are blessed because of it.

Love y'all!
Sister Fry

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