Monday, November 21, 2016

Gay Chicken with a Side of Awkward

Cake and sister Butler
Thank you for all the birthday wishes! Sister Butler got me a delicious cake for my birthday! And Sister Torres (mission president's wife) called on Saturday and they wished me happy birthday! Even though it wasn't my birthday, it was still super good. :)

We're doing good things here in Beeville and sister Perez and I are staying here in Beeville! yay! (E. Puga is the only one leaving) So after this transfer, Sis Perez will have been here for 6months and I'll have been here for 4.5mos. Super good! and it's starting to get a little chilly... might have to break out the sweaters!

so, Friday night we had "Gay Chicken" with Brother Gothard (chicken recipe he got from a gay chef when he was living in California) and it was SUPER GOOOOOOD. Like wow. Yes--I did get the recipe. But yeah, super fun. He's kind of a quiet guy, so he didn't talk much, but it was oh so delicious!!

Service at the Seals
And yeah. Amanda will be getting baptized FOR SURE this week and her son's getting married, and her other son always asks if we can say a prayer when we go over. so yep. Super good week!

And we're getting a new car for our area! So we have to say goodbye to Patricia, and say hello to another.

But the church is true and so is the Book of Mormon I'm in the war chapters in Alma and I love them. My new favorite villain is Amalakiah. Because he had this super intricate plan just so he could be king. I have learned a lot from Alma so far and I'm not even done! READ THE BOOK OF MORMON! A verse, a chapter, a page; listen to it, read it, whatever. Just get it in your life a little every day and your life will change!!
Love y'all!
Sister Fry
NEW SUPER CHINA BUFFET. we went twice this week. It is Elder Puga's favorite place to eat. And since he's the one leaving, we're glad we went this week. :)

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