Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Attitude of Gratitude

Well this week has been quite the week!

At the beginning of this week, we let little things into our companionship (i.e. little frustrations and things), and so we didn't have the Spirit with us. And we know that "if ye receive not the Spirit ye shall not teach" (D+C 42:14). So we didn't get a lot done this week. Then we went on exchanges and after Sister Jamile came back to the area, we kept saying "I'm so glad you're back! I missed you!" It was super fun. We get so used to being with our own companions that we expect the other to fill in our words/sentences etc. Anyways, it was a super good week.

AND we are working on being grateful. We are saying things that we are grateful for every time we are frustrated or tired or disanimadas or anything. So it's great! We love it! We are ten times more happy now because we are being grateful.

I'm reading a talk from President Monson called "The Divine Gift of Gratitude." In it he says:
"We can lift ourselves and others as well when we refuse to remain in the realm of negative thought and cultivate within our hearts and attitude of gratitude. If ingratitude be numbered among the serious sins, then gratitude takes its place among the noblest of virtues."

I love being grateful. It is not happy people who are grateful, but grateful people who are happy. 
So, take it from me: BE GRATEFUL!! You'll be happy, and you will feel less selfish. :)
Con amor, Sister Fry
Oreo cookies? or sister missionary arms?

Monday, September 11, 2017

Bike DAYZ!!!

So Wednesday we got a call from the STLT's saying that they were taking one of our cars! So now the four of us sisters are sharing a car, but we love it and are using our bikes a TON!!

He has two daugthers ages 9 and 10, and they all three came to church. We taught them about the Restoration of the Gospel and about the Plan of Salvation. His mom is a Jehovah's witness and he called her one day and told her that we have been coming over. And he told her "Do you know what happened 200 years ago? Someone [Joseph Smith] saw God and Jesus Christ." Well that sent her into this whole spiel, but basically he defended us and saying that if God wanted someone to see Him, then it would be possible. IT WAS SO COOL!!! 

Running out of time, but I love being a missionary and Congratulations to Valerie and Chris on HENRY!! I was praying for you all this week. !!
Love you!!
Sister Fry

we found this awesome thing by the Resaca.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Live Long and Prosper

What a week!!

Well, we dropped a few people, knocked some doors, and got a little wet. But all in all, it was a pretty great week! We had to wait a little while to email today because it's labor day, so the library is closed, so we're at the stake center in the family history lab thinggy. Anyways, we have been working hard and finding people to teach and we'll get some great instruction from MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) on Wednesday from our Zone Meeting, about dropping people who aren't progressing. And then trying to see them after a month or so to see if they'll come to church.

But with the beginnings of a new transfer (we're all staying!! Everyone in our district!! yay!) we'll get to see the fruits of all our labor from last transfer!! Three transfers to go. My oh my how the time flies.

In other news, I have a cold, and after a pre-church nap and a post-church nap I was still pretty tired yesterday, but am feeling better today after an hour nap. Haha. The things we do on a mission. Still plugging away though!!

Happy baby to Valerie!!
Happy birthday to Chris tomorrow!! Happy baby on the birthday?? well that'd be cool.
Happy new house to Donald + Co.
Happy new(ish) job to Richard
Happy school year to all you young'ins + Shelley
And happy Labor Day to everyone else!!
Live Long and Prosper!!

Love it! Live it! Enjoy it!! And be happy about it!!
Sister Fry
the Aftermath. I LOVE SANNY B!!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Survived and Thriving!!

My dear people:

This week was quite the week!

Tuesday was super good because we had a meeting as a zone about what we can do to show God that he can trust us/how we can put more trust in God, and then zone conference was good too! 

Tuesday we also met Billy and Ray (they are brothers). They were sitting in their truck, and we felt impressed to give them a card. So we did and said that God sent us there for a reason and Ray agreed. We talked with them for a while, and after a few minutes we said something along the lines of "we've only known you for a few minutes, but how do you guys feel?" (we were talking about happiness) and Ray said that he felt really good and that it felt like we had known them forever. Anyways, we set up an appointment, but then they couldn't make it, so we went over Friday night and talked with Ray. He talked a lot, and then we were super bold and told him that God sent us there so that he can change his life. And then we invited him to be baptized. AND HE CRIED. This big, tattooed man had tears running down his face.He felt the Spirit.

Other than that it's been a pretty normal week! We have really been guided by the Spirit this week. It's funny because Sister Jamile and I aren't really all that alike, but because we have the Spirit, we are more unified and are working towards the same goal! We have grown so much together, through the good and the bad. It's crazy to think that we have already been together for almost an entire transfer! It's crazy how time flies! And after this one's done, I'll only have three more?! Where did the time go??

Also Hurricane Harvey! We got a call at 11pm Wednesday night from our Zone Leaders asking us where our evacuation place is, and then Thursday we had our bags packed just in case we needed to leave. Friday they evacuated Brownsville so we had Sisters Estrada and Nielson with us for the day and they returned home Saturday. We are pretty sure the missionaries in Corpus and Sinton are still here in the valley, and we don't know when they will return. But we are grateful we are safe!

Thursday night our AC also went out, so they're still trying to fix that. haha. It's amazing to see how accustomed we become to certain things. :D

Have a great week! Trust in God!
Sister Fry
Hurricanes make for really pretty sunsets!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Solar Eclipse and President Monson's Birthday

Well, today is an exciting day. Not only is there going to be a Solar Eclipse (Sister Juchau's mom sent her a package and told her about the solar eclipse, so we now have glasses--see photo below), but it's also President Monson's 90th birthday!! yay! I am so grateful we have a prophet on the earth today. I love teaching people and reminding people that we have a prophet--someone that leads and guides us TODAY and receives revelation for us. How to use technology, how to stay away from pornography, how to stay out of debt, etc. I am eternally grateful for this gospel and the chance I have to share it every day.

Moving forward, on Tuesday, we hit the jackpot!! We found these really cool apartments and met a ton of cool people there! (A story about Eric will follow). So we've gone back several other times this week to follow-up/go to our return appointments, but nothing has happened. :/ Our Zone Leaders invited us to set a goal for how many times we teach the Restoration each week, and I feel like just Tuesday we just taught it a million times!! What a tender mercy!!

So Eric. We went back to a return appointment with Ana, but Eric opened up the door. We have no idea who he is or how (or IF) he's related to Ana, but he opened up the door with Ana's youngest (like 4month old baby--who fell asleep during the time we were talking to him) in his arms, baby spit-up on his shirt, and wearing dress shoes. It was really funny. He gave us a vague address and said he'd come to church (which he didn't). But Ana's other kids (she has 4) spilled some water on the floor, and then proceeded to slurp it up off the floor. haha. Right in the middle of testifying about the Book of Mormon, and he's like "yeah.. sometimes they pretend they are horses." :) Haha. So that was pretty funny.

Friday we had interviews!! We were told to be at the Harlingen Stake Center at 12pm, but didn't end up having our interviews until like 3pm. haha. but we studied scriptures, spanish with Elder Valdez, and played some games to keep us entertained (see photo below). It was a really good interview. President Torres said that I am not the girl that came into the mission, and that God really loves me, and that HE loves me. :) It was so cool! Especially because those were the things that I have learned over the past few months, and that just testified to me!

Also, We have now gone two weeks with all 0's in our key indicators (no baptisms, no one at church, nobody with baptismal dates, and no new investigators). BUT we have more direction with that ANNNNNDDDD!! Saturday night we knocked on the Salinas' door and Juan Jr (20) and his cousin (16) walked out and we talked with them for like an hour (and a little more--oops). BUT we felt the Spirit so strong. They feel like their prayers aren't being answered, and that they have lost their faith. So we talked a lot about that and will see them this Saturday.

Phew! Sorry this week's was so long, but I love you all and gotta run!
Love, Hermana Fry

Monday, August 14, 2017

White Wash TMM

SO: This week we have knocked so many doors!! Mostly because we did a White Wash of the mission. AKA we dropped/stopped teaching the people that weren't progressing (i.e. not coming to church, reading, praying, etc.) and we didn't have very many people to begin with, but we still dropped those that we had, and are starting afresh!

We got a little discouraged near Thursday, but kept our animo going. What has really helped is that we have been unified as a companionship. That and the Spirit and just being willing to go and do (not sit and stew) have really kept our animo/spirits up.

This week we have many-a-return-appointments, and we are very excited for all the people that we have met this last week. DUDE we are so pumped!! During the week, probably Thursday, we just kind of sat in the car (cooling off for a few minutes before we went out to work again) and I just said "I am ready for my blessings now!!" But we continue on in patience and in hope that the elect are here, and we are growing so much in the process!

God will help us in whatever we are going through. Sometimes (oftentimes) God needs us to trudge through the mud, or climb EVERY mountain. But it's always for our best. God knows where all the prepared people are here in San Benito, but what good would that do us if he just sent us there? We need to be converted. We need to be obedient to every prompting we receive. That's really what God is asking of us. And bringing someone to the Gospel of Jesus Christ is just a nice bonus along the way. :)

Love y'all!
Sister Fry
"If I touch these wires together will the doorbell ring?" Answer: yes.
A couple weeks ago we had a friend hang out with us for a while (actually he FELL FROM A TREE and scared us half to death). But enjoyed the ride!
This is Chiquitin (I don't know how to spell it, but that's how you say it) he's an adorable 3-year-old in our ward. And his rainboots LIGHT UP

Monday, August 7, 2017

(no subject)

Tuesday we had exchanges, so I went with Sister Cademis to Brownsville! It was fun because I got to see my MTC companion, Sister Nischan! It was fun to be with two previous companions!

Wednesday I found some more family names to send to the temple!! Yay! and on Friday I helped a sister find information about her dad, and we found a marriage record and his birth record! The gift of tongues is real because somehow I helped her read this scribbled-old-cursive-document IN SPANISH. It was crazy!

Yesterday I "played" the piano in Sacrament meeting, and couldn't figure out why the organ setting was so quiet--the volume was all the way up! Then I remembered that little pedal thing and I made it louder. Haha. Oh the joys of being a missionary.

We are still finding and contacting and finding. The Zone leaders called us on Saturday and reminded us that President Torres and Heavenly Father trust us and put us in this area for a reason. And we need to do everything we can to do His will here. They also challenged us to make a goal of how many times we teach the Restoration this week. So we will be growing our testimony of that as well. They promised that we would be able to find more people so we are going to cash in on those blessings this week!

I love being a missionary! The church is true, wherever you are in the world! Be humbe, follow your leaders, and read some scriptres!
Love you!
Sister Fry

Monday, July 31, 2017

No Mires Tras Ti (Look not behind thee)

Well, as everyone is just dying to know, my companion's name is Sister Jamile ("Ja-Mile") and she is from Hawaii! She has been out just a few short weeks, but she could fool me! So congratz to her trainer!! I'm in San Benito  ("Sanny B" as the missionaries say), which is in Harlingen Zone, an hour east of Mission/McAllen. We have a branch, and about 109 people came to church yesterday!! So we are super pumped! The stake wants to split so we have a Harlingen stake and a Brownsville stake, and we need just a few more priesthood holders to make our branch a ward. :) So we are working on that. Also since it was the 5th Sunday of the month yesterday, we were combined for the 3rd hour, the Relief Society, Priesthood, and Youth. And one of the branch counselors talked about testimony. What that is and why it's important and what comprises a testimony. He asked what we teach to the chiquitos--los niños para enseñarles como dar sus testimonios.(children to teach them now to give their testimonies). And I had absolutely no idea, so I whipped out my planner to take some notes. He said that we testify about God, Jesus Christ, the scriptures, the Restoration, and Joseph Smith. And basically everything else falls into those categories. Having a living prophet, the priesthood, temples and family history, etc. And he said that even though you may bear the same testimony/say the same things/testify of the same things as the person before you, they are the truths that we know. That really impressed me. It was amazing. I learned a lot. Then the other counselor got up and talked about the importance of The Book of Mormon. And why it is important to read it. He issued us a challenge to read The Book of Mormon in three months. And in order to do that we need to read 3 chapters a day. So I will finish The Book of Mormon tomorrow and start over again Wednesday. I will be finishing The Book of Mormon from reading it in three months myself to help with a prospective-elder-now-elder in Mission. So I'm excited!! And that means I will be able to read The Book of Mormon two more times before going home!!!!!!!!! YAY!!

I think I have learned more about what it takes to have a ward/stake/temple on the mission than I ever knew before! And why elders are so important, what the "caring ratio" is--how many elders to everybody else. It's crazy!!

Also the transition coming here was a little rough. I adjusted well, but then I still wasn't "all here," I wasn't "all-in". So Saturday I prayed and explained what I was feeling and God said "Remember Lot's Wife." (Lucas 17:32) Lot and his family were asked to leave Sodom and to "look thee not behind thee/no mires tras ti" (Genesis 19:17) And Lot's wife turned back to look on the city and was turned into a pillar of salt. I read a talk from Elder Holland from BYU (https://speeches.byu.edu/talks/jeffrey-r-holland_remember-lots-wife/) and he explained that it wasn't so bad that she looked behind her, but what was wrong was that she longed to go back. She left her heart in the city, and couldn't imagine a better life than the one she knew in Sodom. SO, after I got jacked a little bit, I repented and tried to look at San Benito with hope and love. And to leave Mission and just be here. AND IT'S BEEN AMAZING!!! If you ask for help from our Heavenly Father, He will help you! I love being here, and my eyes have been re-opened, and I am no longer looking behind me with longing. Yes looking back into the past is good, but it's like a rear-view mirror. If we look at it too long, we could crash and things won't be as happy.

"Faith is for the FUTURE!!!" "The future is as bright as your faith!!"--President Monson
I know as we strive to not look behind us with longing, but as we look forward "with an eye single to the glory of God" (D+C 4:5)  we will receive countless blessings from God.
So move forward!!
Hermana Fry

a priest I found! We are friends now.

I can now officially say I've seen the Statue of Liberty. :)

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


24 July 2017 
So before we begin, this week was amazing! We saw many amazing miracles! :)

The assistants to the Presidente had a baptism for a family (aka boda (wedding) baptism, also they got confirmed and the Priesthood so that they could go to the temple the day after), and we invited Antonio and he brought his three kids too!! It was crazy!! I'm going to miss being an AAP--we like to call ourselves the Assistants to the Assistants to the Presidente because on Saturday the elders had to go to the temple with their little family, and so we taught a lesson for their investigators! It was super fun!!

Also we found a family that lived up by Mile 3, and who now moved back into our area! So it's good that we found them so Sister Ellsworth and her greenie can teach them!! Also we found another chiquito family that Sister Crouch and I spotted (the ones in the yellow house with the twin boys) and I totally forgot where they were, until we were trying to find a prospective elder, and there they were! They are going back this week and continue teaching them. :)

Okay okay, so I'm being transferred!! I'm going to San Benito!! It's west, and I'll be in the Harlingen Zone. :) And I'm step-training! (So my companion has been in the mission for one transfer). And Sister Ellsworth is also training!!! We had dinner at the Valdivia's yesterday (SO BOMB) and the AP's were there and they told us transfers. It will be so exciting!!

I have learned a TON from Sister Ellsworth and I'm excited for my (probably) last area!! Yay! And so now we gotsta go have a lunch at the Cruz's!!

Love y'all!!
Sister Fry
p.s. happy birthday to all the birthdays out there!!--Brandon, Valerie, James, etc. :)

Monday, July 17, 2017


We had a bomb Zone Conference on Tuesday with a lot of new changes!!

One change is that we are working with the youth a lot more!! We are super excited to keep moving forward and progressing. So we get to take out the youth for a couple hours to be our "mini missionaries" And through this, we are helping them to strengthen their propio (own testimonies) testimonios and helping them get excited about the work! And then in time we will help them identify their friends that we can teach and baptize! And then the youth will be stronger and when they go on their missions, they will be even more excited to do missionary work.

I still love it here and am so grateful to be learning so much. 

Remember that God always loves you and that no matter what happens, He will never give up on you.
Sister Fry

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Satan's working hard

Yes! Satan is trying to destroy everything here! He has been attacking our recent converts, investigators and us!! Ack!

Different things have been happening with all our people, we've lost contact with investigators, Miguel got sick, no one came to church, we were sad a little this week, and Satan was just getting everybody!! But all the while we were thinking "Miracles are going to happen because of all this bad stuff!!" It isn't the first time this has happened, and it's only because we are WORKING!! And we are trying to stretch and grow and do all that is required of us! So we are working through trials and trying to keep the Spirit and we're going to have Zone Conference tomorrow, and then Zone meeting after! Yay!

Tuesday (Happy birthday DAD!!) we got to go to the stake breakfast (I had pancakes for the first time in months, and had a headache for the rest of the day because of all the sugar I ate :/ ), and we sang all three verses of the Star Spangled Banner, had district meeting and other than that had a pretty chill 4th of July!

Wednesday we had a BOMB coordination meeting (with all the auxiliary heads, talking about missionary work). The AP's made a plan with the ward members and we jumped on it to make a goal for how many baptisms each auxiliary will have by the end of the year, and the room was yeno del Espiritu miercoles, y(full of the spirit, Wednesday, and) it was just so cool. I loved it.

STORY TIME!! So we got this referral from this guy, his name was Jose, of one of his neighbors. Anyways, so we went by it and this lady opened up and said "I don't have a lot of time right now, I'm cooking". So we dropped it and didn't think more of it. BUT we went by yesterday and a different lady (the other one was probably the housekeeper) opened up and she's like "oh, you are from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You are Mormons." AND it turns out that she went to church from ages 6 to 15 in Mexico!! So we found a less-active!! And what's more, she gave us a TON of fruit (see picture below.) it was so cool. It was such a tender mercy!! And we asked if we could come back wednesday, and she's like "how about Tuesday?" YESSSS!!!! She is such a sweetie, and we met her husband and daughter (15) and it was just so cool. :D

Love y'all! The church is true! Read your scriptures!!
(And happy late birthday Matthew!!)
Sister Fry
Sister Koehler made red pepper pasta. And we ate it at 10pm Monday night BOMB.
we have incorporated smoothies into our routine. Now I have my eggs/rice/spinach/pepper bowl and a smoothie--and yes I drink all of it before we study, then another glass of water while we study. Stay hydrated kids!!
all the treasures from our less-active!!

True Texans

Monday, July 3, 2017

Seeking the Spirit

We had interviews on Tuesday and President Torres said that he's noticed some changes in me over the past few transfers, but now he's like "WOAH sister Fry you are the greatest missionary ever and you've changed a lot, and you are just so great". haha. Not exactly but I have changed a lot recently. And I've noticed that I'm back to "me" don't really know how to explain that, but whatever.

Set some BD's this week, had a TON at sacrament meeting. Please someone tell me how hymn 152 goes in Spanish because I don't have any idea what the heck we were playing and I butchered it so bad. I feel so bad. :/

BUT back to the Subject of this email: after interviews we had to hang at the office for a little while because Sister Phalwane has to figure out how to get home (#expiredgreencard--she's going to take the bus) ANYWAYS, so the Zone Leaders were going to do a little study session with those that weren't in interviews, but it turned out to just be Sister Ellsworth and I and the Zone Leaders. Anyways, they had a "special guest" come to one of their companion study sessions and he talked about having the Spirit and how  we really don't know what the mission of the Holy Ghost is. So he said (and invited us) to study in the Topical Guide about the Mission of the Holy Spirit. BOMB so cool!! And they talked about how after Jesus came to the Americas how the people were righteous for 4 generations after that! WHY? Because they wanted the SPIRIT more than anything else. I am a witness of this because Sister E and I have been trying to seek to have the Spirit in every aspect and we are already reaping the blessings of this. And we've been happy! If we seek the Spirit, then we are truly being instruments in the hands of God and we are doing His will, and therefore (this is so cool) He will RUN OUR AREA. 

And I love that.

Happy Birthday tomorrow Dad! And Matthew on Thursday!!! Love you!
Love ya!
Hermana Fry

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Kissed by the Sun, Drenched by the Rain

Super amazing week. We have been talking a lot about establishing Zion here in the stake, and we knew that it needed to start with us. AND THIS WEEK WAS BOMB. We were working super hard as a companionship so that we could be happy and have animo and be servicful and everything!! And it was so cool!!

It was un poco caliente (a little warm) this week, but it was SO FUN!! So Friday we had to take our car in to Chuck (our fix-it-felix) because our bumper was falling off and we got dinged by a shopping cart. SO we've been carless since! And we called today to see if it was ready and he said that he ordered the wrong bumper--so more BIKE DAYS!!!!!! So we have been hydrating like nobody's business and getting rides from the sisters to church and stuff. But Saturday the sun was muy fuerte(very strong) and Sister Ellsworth got un poco(a little) sunburned on her arms and so did I!! And then we were talking to Arturo to see if he was going to come to church/get baptized/come to the baptism that night, and he's like "If it starts raining I will have to stop working" so I--of course--said "well, we will pray for it to rain!!" And not 5 minutes later it started pouring!!!! He didn't come for the baptism, but it was pretty fun. :)

Yesterday we went over to Bishop's house for dinner and they have two 20-something boys at home and it was a tex-mex filled night!! They all speak both languages, while Bishop only understands English. But there were chismes (gossip?) and jokes all over the place in English and Spanish. jaja.

The Tex-Mex is strong here!!

Other than that it's been a pretty great week! With biking to the moon and back and sweating like crazy, it's been pretty fun. Josh is leaving for his mission here on July 4th, to Tacoma Washington, and he gave his farewell talk. Super trunky. I remember doing that!! haha

All is well here in South Texas, and I couldn't ask for anything more.
Sister Fry
 They weren't actually Mormon, but... someone who lived there was....

Saturday, June 17, 2017

En El Pueblo de Sion (In the village of Zion)

Well this was quite the week!! We contacted and contacted and contacted (or tracted, knocked doors--whatever y'all wanna call it.)

We had a bomb Zone meeting Tuesday where we learned how to keep our animo up! And it worked amazingly well since normally when a missionary doesn't have investigators they get sad. :( BUT not us!! 

This week my testimony grew of Family History. Haha. I even posted about it on Facebook through our Family History consultant. (He gave his phone to me and asked me to bear my testimony.) Tuesday night I helped a 5 year old, Abel, start indexing. He did five documents. It was the cutest thing. So, if your child can read, they can index!! :D Wednesday a super-important-Family-History-person came to see how our area was doing. (see photo attached). We didn't stay, but did have a BOMB lesson with this family of seven, hopefully they will progress--we'll see.

This week summer came, and while down in Plantation (contacting--what else??) we found the perfect place for a temple!! Though it is a little small. :/

Sunday night we went over to Miguel's with Brother Gonzalez and his son, and talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is hard for many to think how they can be forgiven if they have done something wrong. His doubts come from not coming to church for years and wanting to know if he can be forgiven for the things that he's done. But Joseph Smith really interested him, so we are going over to the Gonzalez's home Tuesday to watch the Restoration.

This week I definitely shushed a member. BUT-here's the story. We went over to a less-actives' house and he gave his spiel, and kept talking about this one tangent (meanwhile, we are very hydrated and so we definitely need to use the bathroom--we stood there for 40 minutes, and were 10 minutes from home). And then I said something and Sister Ellsworth (whom we love!) started bearing her testimony and then he started interrupting! (side note--when before we started talking, we made sure it was "our turn" to talk.) So I shushed him, and he's like "oh sorry, it's your turn, I'll stop talking, please continue." haha. It was funny.

In other news we also had fun in our apartment and are living the law of consecration. I studied the Word of Wisdom (HEALTH CODE!!!!!!!!) and am starting a plan and covenanted with God and it's all GREAT!! :D Anyways, so we bought groceries and we all came home and were like "I bought cucumbers!" "I bought apples" "I got the bread!" It was super funny. So if you need some knowledge about what you should be eating--study the Word of Wisdom in Doctrine and Covenants 89. I feel better already!

But I think that is all. I am noticing the changes I have made while on a mission, an am grateful to be here every single day. #11monthsTODAY!!! And with transfers we are staying!! So I'll be here for Juany's wedding (Thursday!!), my 11-month and 12-month mark on the mission, a mission farewell, and many more miracles yet to come. 30 More Weeks!!! Ahhhh!! Super exciting! :D

With love from a happy, healthy missionary,
Sister Fry

Friday, June 9, 2017

Fasting Miracles!

We fasted for so many people Sunday!! We fasted with two less-active families and also an investigator family! It was so cool!! Going without food and water for two meals/24 hours is at times difficult, but you see so many miracles!
We fasted with the Manzur family, the Vargas family, and our investigator family so that they can find work/change their schedules so that they can come to church! It was so cool! 

And in church so many people bore their testimonies on the temple and family history. We love it here in Mission, and wouldn't have it any other way. Even though it's hot and humid and everything, we still love it here!!

Ether 12:6,12. Miracles come by faith. Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement are necessary for us to progress in life. It's wonderful to be a missionary and see the change in others lives. The mission is the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. But we wouldn't change a thing!

So, if you ever want to see a miracle or get an answer, fast!
Con mucho amor (With much love), Hermana Fry

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hi world

I am still alive. :) 

We had zone conference this week and President blew our minds!! This week has been SUPER LONG but it also went by fast. Thanks to President, we have had a lot of animo (energy/animation) this week! We have been knocking doors and asking for referrals and not caring if we were awkward by passing their house and coming back to talk to them. hehe.

Ah yes, we read and President expounded Jacob 5 for us while tying it to the scattering and gathering of the House of Israel AND also to his topic of "this is not our battle". So we are to fight God's battle. Because this is his battle and since it's his battle, we don't have to worry about losing, because it's not our battle. :) God loves impossible odds. All throughout the Book of Mormon we read about a band of small numbers fighting, and conquering against the enemy. 
In 1 Nephi 3-4 we read: 
"Laman and Lemuel again began to murmur, saying: How is it posible that the Lord will deliver Laban into our hands? Behold, he is a mighty man, and he can command fifty, yea, even he can slay fifty; then why not us?...And it came to pass that I spake unto my brethren, saying: Let us go up again unto Jerusalem, and let us be faithful in keeping the commandments of the Lord; for behold he is mightier than all the earth, then why not mightier than Laban and his fifty, yea, or even his tens of thousands?"

So, how impossible are the odds?
Hermana Frita

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Well, we were late to church.

23 minutes late to be exact.

We went on exchanges on Thursday and Sister Ellsworth stayed in our area, and I went to the STL's area. She and Sister Luque visited some 'potentials" that we have. They visited the Puente family. Sister Puente was an investigator (perhaps was baptized??) nine or so years ago, but we haven't ever been able to meet with her and have a lesson. So Thursday, in Sister Ellsworth's words: they magically got inside and had a really good lesson with her two sons, Miguel and Aiden. "And she eloquently said words and they accepted a baptismal date" And Sister Ellsworth was so surprised/caught off guard and so she said the 21st of June. That's a Wednesday. jaja. Anyways, So we went over on Saturday night and visited them and they said they'd come to church!

Sunday morning: we went to Miguel's house to get him to church and it honestly just looked like he woke up. But said that he would come and that he needed a ride (side note: Saturday night he said that they would not need a ride). So then we go to Lulu's to make sure she will be to church on time for her and Gustavo's confirmation! And have to return home so Sister Ellsworth can get her badge. In the midst of all this, we're scrambling to find members to bring this 19-year-old guy that wants to come to church! We come back to his house 5 minutes before the meeting is supposed to start and he's all dressed up. Like white shirt, tie, slacks, shoes, suspenders (gun-holsters...), the whole bit.

Now we're stuck. But Damian--the Bishop's son/RM pulls through and brings him to church!!! yay!!

So yes we were late to church. Yes right once we sat down the counselor in the obispado (bishopric) said to make sure we're on time to sacrament meeting. :/ Also, we missed Lulu and Gustavo's confirmation. :// And we had to sit in the middle of the chapel. :/// And we felt super bad. ://// But repentance is real! :) And that is never happening ever again. You feel icky if you're late to church--DON'T BE LATE. :)

So those were kind of the highlights of this week. Miguel will be coming to church next week for all three hours, and hopefully his brother as well, and we met the two nicest grandma's ever. President Torres has asked us that with our potential investigators we tell them that we teach five lessons, and have them commit to that. So we have two grandma's (Abuelita (little Grandma) Lopez y Abuelita Fuentes) as new investigators. #setexpectations. #Spiritsostrong #somanystories #Ilovegrandmas

The church is true. Don't be late.
Con amor, 
Hermana Fry
Miracle dinner on Saturday
Find Jesus, He saves.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Everything is Awesome!

Don't have a lot of time, so pictures are worth a thousand words.

I love this gospel and know the blessings that come from living it. I am a living witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in action. I know He lives. I know He loves me. 

Happy Mother's Day!
Sister Fry
Our little piece of heaven. (the really hot + humid piece.) jaja


Monday, May 8, 2017

Too many things!!

First: my greenie, Sister Ellsworth, is doing great! She's from Houston, but has moved around a lot because her dad is in the military. She's adjusting pretty well, considering how many things we had to do this week. Seeing things from the other end is super fun because it's just a whirlwind of new things for new missionaries! Also, all the members/anyone we meet ask her "do you know Spanish?" and when she talks/bears her testimony they say, "que hermosa" o "que chiquita!" It's super funny. :) We are all learning! It's been hard but fun to take the role, and look over and Sis Ellsworth is totally lost, and I'm just like "bear your testimony!" but she always brings such a humble Spirit with her testimony and her prayers. She's great!

Second: PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There has been a Zika outbreak in the TMM! (specifically Brownsville, I believe, but not sure)ANYWAYS, Thursday, we got a text that we need to wear SLACKS. So we will be the only mission in the US that wears pants. The mission will cover the cost of getting them for us, so that's what we'll be doing today. At first we were like "NO! we love skirts!" but then we were like "we can ride our bikes like the elders!" and "we don't have to worry about windy days!" #alwayswindyinSouthTexas

But yeah, other than that life is good here en el valle(the valley). Lulu and her son are preparing to be baptized this week. And we're just trying to find people and teach them!

Tender mercies:
First--I'll get to Skype this week! And see my lovely family :)
Second--We met this guy, Brother Villarreal. He is 63 or 73 years old (Spanish man, I can't remember) But anyways, we went over again on Sunday and we feel like he really needs to be baptized before he dies. Like really bad. We felt the Spirit when we have gone over the past two times, and feel like God really needs him on His side. 

Love y'all!
The Lord is watching over us!
Sister Fry

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Juany is the Juan!!

We had a miracle this week! Juany was baptized and confirmed this weekend!!!1 YAY!! We are so happy.

Also, Sister Crouch will be returning home this week. :(  but in other news, I will be staying in Mission and be training!! There are only 2 or 3 sisters coming, while like 15 missionaries leaving, but one of them is my greenie! It's so crazy!!

Many things I have learned on my mission. I am officially half-way done in the field, with 6 more transfers to go. I'm so grateful for all those that are helping me stay out here. Thank you for all that you do. I'm excited to see as many faces as I can on Mother's Day, but I'm so glad I have a great family and friends to support me. 

Thanks again! I'm loving South Texas and couldn't my life being any different.

Hermana Fry

Thursday, April 27, 2017

It's Coming!!

The end of the transfer, the end of the month, the end of Sister Crouch's mission :((((, our baptisms and EVERYTHING! ahhh!

Updates: Juany is super excited to be baptized this weekend, when we asked about who she wanted to speak/do prayers/etc she whipped out names like nobody's business. So she's already got half a foot in the water already. :) 

As for Lulu, she has lots of doubts and trials. Without the support of a mom, and worrying about not being able to be ready and all, it's really hard. But we are going to make a concentrated effort to contact her daily and read scriptures, and finishing teaching her. But she is also super ready to be baptized. Sometimes it's just the doubts that come, and the whisperings of Satan. But the Zone Leaders came to a lesson with us, and gave her a priesthood blessing, which basically was just filled with hope. She's undergone a lot of changes in her life, and sometimes that's hard.

But anyways, ALSO. We've been trying to find this family. We don't know where they live. BUT we found Maria. She is like in her 80s, and she studied with the Testigos de Jeova por 9 años(Jehovah's Witnesses for 9 years, and), y they finally were just like "you need to make a choice to come out and do missionary work with us." But if she did, her husband said he would divorce her. So she was praying and praying  to know what to do, and so the day she was going to knock doors with the JW's, the lady forgot. AFTER 9 YEARS of going over and reading scriptures, the lady forgot to come over. So Maria said, "well, then this is the last time we will have Bible study." And now she's just going to a Christian church! It was so crazy! And she's so spry! We went over yesterday because we forgot to set a return appointment, and she's like "Why are you here?" haha. what went though both of our minds was "we want to baptize you" but we obviously didn't say that. Haha. :) But we did talk a little about the Plan of Salvation with her, because her husband has since passed away, so we're hoping to teach her more this week and we'll see what happens!!

Other than that, Texas is great. Sister Crouch is so positive, and even though the road is bumpy and we can't see the end in sight, it's still a road, and it's still the right road to be on. A bend in the road is not the end of the road.

Love y'all!
Sister Fry

Monday, April 17, 2017

Week of Celebrations

This week we celebrated almost every day.

Tuesday we went to a baby shower! The best part of it was that we, las misioneras [the missionaries] participated in a game. In fact the last game, and the messiest. I sat on a chair while Sister Crouch shoveled applesauce into my mouth with a baby spoon--blindfolded. Let's just say that the whole room was laughing as the applesauce went just about everywhere but my mouth. :) Sister Crouch's only excuse was that "I'm really competitive."

Wednesday was my "hump day" in the mission, so I am now officially over the hill (aka I hit my 9 month mark). We celebrated with a DQ blizzard. We also had a super BOMB lesson with Juany, one of our investigators. She is progressing super well! And she has changed, now she has a light that she didn't have before.

Thursday, we didn't really celebrate anything, but we did get to see a lot of miracles! We fasted that day and we went down to the southern part of our area: Plantation. We were able to find an inactive (who came to church! Granted, there were only 15 minutes left of church, but he came "Because I promised." so we stayed with him for the other ward's gospel principles class and sent him off to Priesthood after that.) we also found this lady who was baptized like 10 years  ago, but hasn't come since, so it was fun to remind her, and start teaching her the lessons again! We also met with this super dope 14 year old! He totally remembered our appointment and everything--only because we were 15 minutes late, and he had already left! But his mom called him and we taught them the Restoration!! We also went to a Baseball game for our investigators! It was adorable! 

Friday we celebrated many a birthday. Sister Crouch, that 14-now-15-year-old, and Lulu, another investigator. We also had interviews. BUT we got special permission from the AP's to be late because we had lessons with both of them! So we were running around all morning and were told NOT TO BE LATE, and arrived at 12pm. We were late nonetheless. So we parked and grabbed our stuff as quick as we could, ran into the chapel--and they were eating lunch. Haha. At least we got there "on time"!

Saturday we made Gorditas with Lulu and her mom! we each took a piece of the dough and tried making one... let's just say they tasted delicious. :)

Sunday. Easter Skirts, carrot cake, chocolate bunnies. And we did a musical number with the other sisters in our ward. It was mostly an excuse to try to get some less-actives to come, but none came. :( That's okay because we had great lessons on Easter, baptism, the susurros del Espiritu y [whisperings of the spirit] Sis Mora's daughter returned home from her mission!

The Church is true! God has a plan for all of us!
Love Sister Fry

I found a friend!

Monday, April 10, 2017


Well, we brought one person to church yesterday (Juaney) and there were six investigators there! All of our investigators with a baptismal date were there: Juaney, Lulu, and her son. So we're super excited for the end of the month!! I don't know if I have said this before, but we are baptizing 5 this month. President Torres told Sister Crouch that on Transfer Tuesday, and then that next Wednesday he told us that it was going to be a family. And so we are trying to find families and we need at least two more investigators to have a baptismal date!! (and that's why this Sunday was the semi-finals. Because next Sunday is our Superbowl, and if they don't come next week, it won't be impossible for them to get baptized this month, but it will just be harder. And we were talking about that (baptizing five--we both have not had many baptisms on our missions), and I said, "I think we are taking this rather well. Many people would be stressed, and we could be stressed--" and I kind of stopped there, and we both were like "yes! we definitely could be really stressed and overwhelmed." But we're not! We are just stressed enough to keep working. This is an impossible task that God has set in front of us, to have five convert baptisms this month, and we don't know how to do it. But, with the infinite wisdom from Sister Crouch, "God has the ability to give us the ability to do all the things he needs us to do." And so that is what we are doing. Prayers and fasts are appreciated to help us find our last two and get them all in the water on the 30th! Thank you!

Next topic: God answers prayers. Last night it's like 8:40, and we are getting ready to head back home, and we knocked on one last door. This nice old lady opened the door and we asked if we could sing her a song (Sis Crouch is bomb at playing the Uke) And so when we were starting to sing, I just said a tiny prayer that if she felt the Spirit and was ready to accept the Gospel, just to let her cry. AND SHE DID!!!!!!! She shed a tear, so we're going to go back this week and share our testimonies with her. She is so sweet. Tender mercies like that show me that God really does care about me and that He does answer prayers, even little silly ones. :) I love God!

We have been working super hard, trying to do all that we need to do, finding, teaching, learning, eating every now and again, going to members, etc. And it's also starting to get a little warm outside. So we'll be drinking much water. Sister Crouch on this morning's humidity: "We're not supposed to swim."

In other news, I finally learned how to spell definitely correctly. De-finite-ly. Magical. #s/o: Sister Crouch
Love, Sister Fry

Monday, April 3, 2017

The shortest 8 hours of my life

And no--it's not the hours from 10:30pm-6:20am. It's general Conference weekend!!

Conference was wonderful, investigators came, we have some super good goals for this week, lessons and members and investigators galore, and I am already out of time! Sorry! I hope that you (and I) can rewatch and relisten and reread the talks given from our Prophet. That is a truth we have shared so many times this last week with people: that we have a prophet TODAY that leads and directs the church just like in Bible times. And I love it! Watch it on LDS.org 
Con amor, Sister Fry

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I now think in Tex-Mex

Dear my beloved people:

This week has been absolutely crazy. It has flown by. Transfer Tuesday was a success and I spent a little bit of the day with Sister Kindle as our companions were being transferred. Then we got a call to come to the La Vista Chapel, so that was fun to see some people who were being transferred and all. But also I met my companion!! Sister Crouch! (yes like the verb!) She's so awesome! This is her last transfer, so I will be "killing" her. :) There are many people in our zone who are dying this transfer. :( But such is the mission! :)

But so yeah! We found the Puente family and they are super cool! We brought a member over after coordination on Wednesday and just about overwhelmed the Mom with scouts and activities and everything--and we haven't even taught the first lesson!! Our focus this transfer is families of 5.

Also, five must be our lucky number because at coordination President Torres came and talked about "Cinco por cinco!" [Five for five] Things that the ward members need to do to split the ward again in SIX months!! The members here are willing and ready to answer the call of missionary work! Since the ward split last week, we have new Primary, YM, and YW presidencies and a new ward mission leader, and all their testimonies were about missionary work and reactivation!! We also had the most delicious food ever from the new Primary President, and she was super ready to grow her little primary. :) It was sooooooo cool! These people want a temple!

Also we had found Juanie last transfer, and we talked about the Book of Mormon and General conference with her on Friday! And so she came to the Women's Broadcast with us!! She said that she would text us at 6pm to see if she would be able to make it. So 6:05 rolled around and she TEXTED US!!!--which we had completely forgotten about! IT WAS SO COOL!! And so we swung by her house at 6:45 and she was all ready to go! This was my first time watching conference in Spanish... but it won't be my last. :)

Saturday overall was a day of miracles. The zone blitzed our area (aka all the missionaries in our zone came and tracted and found us some people to start working with). It was amazing. Then we had a quick lunch (haha we hardly did Spanish study this week--we just haven't had time!!) and met with the sisters so we could get their key to the church, drove practically back home to show our member where our investigator lived to pile in their car to give a church tour. Alex, (who lives with his "primos"[cousins] Ales, Jorge, and Elio) We have met now everyone in that trailer. haha. and Alex was the last one! But we met him on Friday and Sis Crouch just popped out and said "we're going to be having a church tour tomorrow, do you wanna come?" And he said sure! So funny miracles that came from that: Brother Garcia--who picked him up is from El Salvador, same as Alex! So that was super cool. So we gave a tour of the rooms and stuff and then ended in the chapel. So we sat in silence for a little bit and then when sis Crouch asked how he felt, he said "bien" with almost a tear in his eye. It was amazing. The Spirit was so strong. And Brother Garcia and his two kids were just saying "when you get baptized, this is where you'll get baptized..." and "when you get the priesthood..." and we haven't even taught him the first lesson or anything!! We just met him the day before! But it was very cool. It was a new and neat experience.

Sorry, I guess I should explain more about my companion! Sis Crouch is from MEXICO!!!!! haha. she always says that. She's from a tiny town near Brigham City, UT, she has 3 brothers, and has served in just about every part of our mission. And--get this--she's also going to school for Geology! small world!

Many miracles this week, and working super hard with the urgency that this valle needs!

Con amor, Hermana Fry
p.s. I got a little sunburned Wednesday! :)

Days without Valdez

This week went by super fast!! Hope everyone is enjoying their spring, ours came in February. ;) So for all of you who are starting your tan now, you have some catching up to do. :P

Well, I guess we'll start from the end of the week and work backward: MISSION 3RD WARD WAS SPLIT YESTERDAY!!!!!!!! Ahhhh!!! yay! It was so fun! We had a record 320 people at church yesterday and they created the Mission 4th ward. President Torres was the last one to bear his testimony yesterday and he said that Our stake, Harlingen, Brownsville, Laredo, and Edinburg stakes all have high goals for reactivation, retention, and new converts. Because THEY WANT A TEMPLE!!! It was so fun to see and feel the excitement and the hastening of the Lord's work down here in the valle.

Saturday Sister Valdez went to the temple with someone she reactivated, so after spending the morning going to two baptisms with Sister Luna and Sister Postoian, I went with one of the sweetest members of our ward ever. She and I worked for a couple hours and she doesn't speak any English. Zip. Zero. Nada. And so that was really stressful! Not only having the entire area on your back, but with a member who I can't communicate with? Nope. Super scary. But Friday night I was just praying and praying and praying before I went to bed. I wanted to know how to do it. And I remembered a story from President Monson from this last conference. ("Principles and Promises"). And he told the story of a soldier who needed to climb a rope to a ship with a big radio strapped onto his back. And he had climbed about a third of the way up when his strength was completely depleted. He said a silent prayer telling Heavenly Father that he had always kept the Word of Wisdom and kept his body healthy, and that he needed to receive the blessings from being obedient. And he was given the strength to climb up the rest of the rope and get aboard the ship. So, Friday night when I was praying and asking for help, I was reminded of that historia. And I have been working really hard on my Spanish every day. Reading the Book of Mormon over breakfast, doing grammar during our Spanish study time and reading out loud. And I asked to "cash in" my blessings in a sense. And so Saturday went really well. It was amazing! I was able to communicate with this member and talk to people on the phone--which I'm normally terrible at. And it was just an overall great day. :)

Thursday we also had exchanges with our STL's [Sister Training Leader] and I spent the day with Sister Edmunds. :) She's going home Wednesday.

Keep doing good things and thank you for all the prayers. :)

I know that God is willing to bless us, we just need to ask for His help. 
Love y'all!
Hermana Fry

p.s. TRANSFERRRRRRS! I'm staying here in Mission!! And Sister Valdez is going to be our STL with sister Rivera!! yay!! (And I have no idea who my companion will be.) :)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Why have a napkin when you have a tortilla?

Many miracles, trials, and faith.

We started this week of with Zone Conference on Tuesday, and President talked about our "Sacrifice Table." and how we need to put our all on the table and give it all to God and leave it there. Leave it there to be consumed in the fire. Not to put it there, and then a couple days later say "Actually, I want this back." And how we need to be working in the Lord's way. Since this is "[HIS] work and [HIS] glory, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." (Moises 1:39) Since it's His work, we need to do it His way! So after fasting and praying I found out what God wants me (needs me) to put on my sacrificial altar and give it to him and not worry about it. And then when challenges come and trials come, I need to exercise my faith in Him and not worry about how it's all going to work out. And it's hard. Really really hard. :) The temptation is great, but we have to have faith!

Enough about me. We met Arturo and Nora this week! He had some "questions of the soul" about why he's here on the earth. Also, Fabiola. She's the sweetest thing. She and her three kids live here, and her husband works/lives in Mexico. She lives here because her two boys are autistic. But they are super sweet kids. :) And she had the best questions! "If the apostles and Jesus died, what happened to the authority?" We were almost bouncing out of our seats--we were so excited!! And we explained the rest of the message and she had questions about church and missionaries and everything. It was super fun to answer them! 

We see miracles and tender mercies every day. Little ones that tell us God loves us and He is there for His children. President Chandler (Stake Presidency) tells a story about when one of his daughters was falling away in her testimony. And he was thinking and praying about if he needed to spend more time with her and less on his calling. But the answer he received was "Take care of My sheep and I'll take care of yours." And so he continued fulfilling his calling, and two missionaries were able to help his daughter and now she is serving a mission. :) 

Spanish is coming, it rained off and on this week, working hard!
Sister Fry

Monday, March 6, 2017

Blessings on Blessings on Blessings!

Quick before I leave:

Priesthood blessings are a gift from God. We sometimes think we can do everything on our own, but we need the help of God. So if you're needing more direction in your life, need answers to questions, or just need to feel the Spirit, ask for a blessing. They are wonderful.

In other news, we moved!! We moved to a different apartment on Saturday, and we were only informed of it on Tuesday. haha. But now, after 11 years, there are no more Summer Breeze missionaries. :)

We are preparing someone to be baptized this week, and two more the next week. Our ward mission leader came up to Sister Valdez and I and asked "when are YOU going to have a baptism?" because the AP's and the other elders in our ward have been having baptisms. haha. :)

I love y'all and sorry it was short this week!
Sister Fry

It rained a lot...we were completely soaked. :) my jacket didn't do much for me. :) But being the stubborn Oregonian that I am, I refused the umbrella. haha. Don't be prideful!

Monday, February 27, 2017

"Marching" Forward!

That pun is thanks to Grandpa Fry. :)

Well this has been quite the roller coaster of a week! We had interviews Thursday and President said that my Spanish is improving (I don't quite feel the same, but...) and that we need to ride our bikes to find people!! I'm used to finding very few people up in Beeville, but down here in the Valle, they practically fall at our feet! (not really, but still). So that's been fun. :) 

Paula came to church the first Sunday we were here, but that was her second time coming to church! A member works with her, and she invited Paula to church and she has come three times already! The only day she has off is Sunday, which makes it hard to teach her, but we went over yesterday and taught her the Plan of Salvation, because she has a daughter that passed away when she was twelve. So that brought her a lot of comfort. She also came to the baptism that the AP's had yesterday, and we're going over tonight with a member, because she doesn't have work today either!! *AND* we set a BD for the 12th of March with her! MILAGROS SE PASEN!! [miracles happen] The valle is super cool. President also told me that the members are more than happy to help us, we just need to find the people that need to come! 

Let me tell you a little story about Mission 3rd Ward: President Torres made it his little project to start getting the wards down here to fully function with missionary work. So now, months later, we have ward coordination every week (if you don't know what that is, it is a meeting where all the heads of the auxiliary--Primary president, YM/YW president, elders Quorum president, Soc Soc (what President calls the Relief Society: "Sociodad de Socorro"), etc.--meet together to talk about re-activation. And President worked really hard to get this place moving. And now it is! And we have great ward missionaries that I'm sure we'll keep using more and more. 

What is really great and what gets people really moving and really committed is follow-up. If you don't follow up, nothing really happens. For instance: if I ask the RS president to visit a less-active family, but don't follow-up, then she might not remember or think it was that important. BUT if you ask them if they did it, and they didn't do it, then they feel bad and have even more desire to do it the next week. :) Same goes to people who are investigating the Church. We ask our investigators to set aside a little time to meet with us and to read the scriptures and pray about our message. And the next time we follow up with them. If they don't, we read or pray with them. If they don't the next time, we teach them the importance of keeping commitments. Keeping commitments is practice for keeping covenants. Missionaries teach people that they can feel the Spirit even when we leave if they will but read or pray. So, follow up with someone. Have a comp. inventory. Talk openly with your spouse or kids or friend about what their strengths are what they can improve on, what their goals are, how you can help. I love comp inventory!! We had an especially good one this week, and I felt like Sister Valdez was going to help me as I am helping her. :)

Remeber: you're not alone! 
Don't die; do good things; be safe!!
Love y'all!
Sister Fry

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Trio now a Duo

So Wednesday we got a call from Elder Fielding (AP) to have Sister Cademis pack her bags and be ready to go to Robstown (in Sinton!!) in an hour!! It was so crazy! There were many "emergency transfers", but now it's just Sister Valdez and I in our area. :'(

Other than that, we had Stake Conference, and Elder Stoddard (from the 70) come. He's a funny guy, and Saturday night--at the adult session--at the very end, he had all the missionaries come to the front. There were 40 of us (plus President and his wife)!! And that wasn't even all the missionaries in the stake either! It was crazy fun! And he asked a few of us how the member-missionary work can be increased, and I was the very last one! It was super cool to have all eyes on me and now I can officially say I have spoken in Stake Conference! :) Many missionaries said to invite us over when you have non-member friends, or to come to a lesson with us. But I said that it is important to "Stand in Holy Places" and be an example of what you believe. You profess to be a Christian, but prove it.

It was also weird to see President Torres there as well! And it came in really handy. We had found an investigator and he came to conference and his girlfriend and her daughter. Sister Valdez got the impression to have President come talk to him. So it worked out that we were already standing up there so he came met our investigator. It was really neat because Sister Valdez introduced him as our "Papa" in the mission because we are away from our families. 

Other than that, we are still getting used to our area, members, and I am getting used to my terrible Spanish. But we are working on that! :)

I know this church is true because it has blessed my life. I have had many experiences that have helped me develop my faith. And thank you for all the prayers. :)
Sister Fry

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Un cambio! [a change]

Well well well. Monday as the last day of the transfer... (or the first day of this transfer....) Anyways, we went down to Corpus and went to the beach, some went to the Lexington ship thing, and we just had a chill Pday! It was super nice. I took 100 pictures that day. Then we had dinner with Brother Clem, and while we were there our district leader got the phone call and I got transferred! Yay! So Tuesday we woke up at 4am to swing down to Sinton to pick up something from the Zone leaders, then on to Robstown to meet with the others that were leaving from our zone.

So now I'm down in the Valley!! I'm serving in the Mission 3rd ward (Spanish), and I'm in a trio! My companions are Hna Valdez and Hna Cademis. They are so fun! But not only that, we are opening an area, and there are nine (YES 9!!) missionaries in this ward! How cool is that! President Torres really wants to get the Valley going because he wants a temple in McAllen!

That would be really cool, because some people can't pass the checkpoint to go up to the San Antonio temple, and others can't go into Mexico. Which is super sad, but if we keep going the way we are, there will be one here sometime!!

It's been kind of a crazy transition for me, going from a zone of 14 to a zone of like 25, and from having two in the apartment to having FIVE. Also, Mission is MUCH bigger than Beeville, so I am still lost, but with the grace of Sister Valdez's GPS, we are going to make it through! But it's been fun! Practicing Spanish is... coming. It's sort of difficult because (a) I haven't had to rely on Spanish for the last 6 months, (b) when people talk about things other than the Gospel, I am completely lost, and (c) it's scary!  But it's gotten a lot better this week, and I'll have at least five more weeks to really go hard on the paint with practicing my Spanish. :)

BUT get this--we show up at church and there's this lady there who has come twice now to church with her friend!! And we are meeting with her tonight!! Ahhh! Milagros se pasen!! [miracles happen] And we also have another investigator who we found and he has a daughter who's nine, and he really wants to learn more! Yay! So I'll keep you updated on those happenings, but the ward here is great, and they're super excited to have sisters!! And I had my first Mexican food! It was this silantro chicken stuff with rice and beans. It was delicious. :)

The Church is true!! Even though I didn't understand everything that happened in church yesterday, there are amazing people here! One sister talked about how we get a testimony, and how we need to first BELIEVE, then search and find for ourselves the things we want to know. It's not a bad thing at all to have questions! It's different from having doubts. Having questions means REVELATION! Answers to prayers and added knowledge. Having questions means LEARNING. It's wonderful the things you can learn from just having the Book of Mormon in your hands. "Where is the best place to find the Pride Cycle?" 4 Nephi and Mormon. (that's where I am in my reading) "What is the Spirit World like?" "How can I strengthen my faith?" "What more do I need to do or change in my life to make it more in harmony with the teachings of Jesus Christ?"
All your questions will be answered if you ask with a sincere heart. And with REAL INTENT--which means that you will act on whatever message/answer you recieve. That you will change your life to be what God wants it to be. It's hard. But it's possible. I know that. Not only do I know it, but I BELIEVE it too.

Love you!
Sister Fry
February 13, 2017

Fast Week!

Wow what a week. We're going to go list-letter today:
Monday: we just chilled and it was amazing! Then had dinner with a less-active at Sammy's (and saw--did not watch-- Duck Dynasty for the first time)
Tuesday: District meeting, family history-Ancestry.com is super cool!!
Wednesday: Zone meeting, Taco Bell, we were told that we just need to enjoy our mission! So we took, or tried to, take some silly pictures on our bikes (WARNING: do not attempt.) And since the elders had to go down to MLC, we drove them down to Sinton and had a BOMB dinner with them and the ZL's at the Dunn's house. Oh so good.
Thursday: service at the Scotts, I hurt myself to take a cool picture.
Friday: we tried knocking every door on a street--didn't finish but we now have a cool new investigator and a good potential!
Saturday: Three Rivers!! we quick did our Spanish Study and then drove out there (ate at a delicious Mexican restaurant). And then looked for former investigators and potential investigators. Basically we went around Three Rivers and were "led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which [we] should do." (1 Nephi 4:6) And it was amazing! A little drippy, but we met some pretty cool pictures. 
Sunday: church--bore my testimony (which, in our tiny little ward I have had that amazing opportunity each month) :) And Dad: thank you. Every time we sing hymns at church, I know the bass line. It is ingrained in my memory forever. But even though I am not able to hear Dad's voice, I still feel the Spirit of the hymns. So, thank you dad!
Also, we were able to knock some doors, met this cool Jewish guy--super cool to talk to him, met a good potential, and a new investigator! All while the Super Bowl was on. haha. :)
We talked a lot and reflected also as we were walking about this transfer, and we have learned how to be more obedient, how to be silly, how to listen to the Spirit, we have prayed a LOT more, and we have learned how to move on from setbacks.

I love my mission and am excited for what this new transfer brings! I have no idea what will happen, but it will be so fun!
Sister Fry
February 6, 2017

What a week

We started off this week with a bang! District Meeting Tuesday, we were feeling like we weren't really doing anything. None of the people we are working with are progressing, and we didn't really feel like we were doing anything. So Elder Gonzalez challenged us to talk to every person we meet. And so we did. :) And even though we STILL don't have anyone progressing, we are still working super hard on that, and we are being diligent.

Wednesday we had a worldwide broadcast from Salt Lake where they talked about preaching repentance and baptizing converts. They also talked about some new schedule changes to get us outside spreading the gospel more!! What has been really nice is that we have already started doing that, thanks to our mission president. :) Also, we are focusing on less of the key indicators, only the ones that are super important! As we were driving home from Robstown, we were talking and it just felt like a weight had been lifted from our shoulders that we didn't even know we had! Sister Oscarson, during the meeting, said, "The thing I love about this new schedule is that it allows the missionaries to exercise their agency to determine how to best use their time." Amen to that!

Thursday after working and trying to find, we sat on a curb (which sometimes we do), to collect our thoughts and say a prayer. We got a call from the elders and they told us they had found Sandra. We met the elders at her house, had a great lesson with a member (and the elders!!) and also went over Friday and had a fantastic lesson. Saturday she called and said she wouldn't be able to make it, but being the persistent missionaries we are, went over anyways. Basically, we haven't been able to contact her since she called us :'( but that's sometimes how these things go. She really accepted the teachings and asked super good questions. :) 

Thursday after the lesson, we were meeting a member at Subway for dinner and so we were just this little biker gang--the four of us on our bikes cruising around town. That was super fun. Also: a word to the wise: don't drink three cups of Vitamin Water in one sitting. They had some at Subway and it was DELICIOUS, so of course we got refills. Bad idea. Don't do it. It doesn't make your insides feel good!! Elder Messinger had it the worst, with me coming in with a close second. But we are both better now

Sunday, after church and visiting Sister Gibson in the hospital (she's doing a lot better now--yay!!), Sister Peyro was a little down in the dumps. So I texted the Elders and they came over and we drove out to the country, where we can see more than we usually can. (Texas is super flat, BTW) That was really fun, relaxing, and lauging.

What have I learned from this week? Missionary work isn't what everyone says it is. You are tired and hot and cold and excited and basically you try to make the most out of what you've got. Whether the work is slow or you're baptizing thousands, the work is true. It's God's work. And no matter how much you think you've screwed it up, it's God's work, and it will always happen according to His plan. This I know. <3
Sister Fry

January 30, 2017

What do we do as missionaries?

Literalmente estamos planeando nuestra fe [Literally we are planning our faith]. We are just planning our faith. We have increased our teaching pool a little bit, so we'll keep teaching and help them progress towards Christ, trying to contact less-actives that the ward has given us, finding continually, making sure that we are not driving ourselves crazy, etc. Basically just missionary work!

In other news, I have a cold. :) My nose is a little drippy/stuffy, but it's more fun that way. :) Last Tuesday we were able to see some peeps in George West, and drove in the CRAZY rain.

Zone Conference--President Torres' English is getting really good! We learned about the Pre-mortal world and how important our actions here are to our eternal salvation. :) Just some light-n-easy stuff. But really--it was amazing. We're just sitting there having our minds blown and writing down as many scriptures as possible. :) Then he talked about how missions are just to see if God can trust us. :) 

Sister Fry
this is my compa [companion].      
January 23, 2017