Monday, February 27, 2017

"Marching" Forward!

That pun is thanks to Grandpa Fry. :)

Well this has been quite the roller coaster of a week! We had interviews Thursday and President said that my Spanish is improving (I don't quite feel the same, but...) and that we need to ride our bikes to find people!! I'm used to finding very few people up in Beeville, but down here in the Valle, they practically fall at our feet! (not really, but still). So that's been fun. :) 

Paula came to church the first Sunday we were here, but that was her second time coming to church! A member works with her, and she invited Paula to church and she has come three times already! The only day she has off is Sunday, which makes it hard to teach her, but we went over yesterday and taught her the Plan of Salvation, because she has a daughter that passed away when she was twelve. So that brought her a lot of comfort. She also came to the baptism that the AP's had yesterday, and we're going over tonight with a member, because she doesn't have work today either!! *AND* we set a BD for the 12th of March with her! MILAGROS SE PASEN!! [miracles happen] The valle is super cool. President also told me that the members are more than happy to help us, we just need to find the people that need to come! 

Let me tell you a little story about Mission 3rd Ward: President Torres made it his little project to start getting the wards down here to fully function with missionary work. So now, months later, we have ward coordination every week (if you don't know what that is, it is a meeting where all the heads of the auxiliary--Primary president, YM/YW president, elders Quorum president, Soc Soc (what President calls the Relief Society: "Sociodad de Socorro"), etc.--meet together to talk about re-activation. And President worked really hard to get this place moving. And now it is! And we have great ward missionaries that I'm sure we'll keep using more and more. 

What is really great and what gets people really moving and really committed is follow-up. If you don't follow up, nothing really happens. For instance: if I ask the RS president to visit a less-active family, but don't follow-up, then she might not remember or think it was that important. BUT if you ask them if they did it, and they didn't do it, then they feel bad and have even more desire to do it the next week. :) Same goes to people who are investigating the Church. We ask our investigators to set aside a little time to meet with us and to read the scriptures and pray about our message. And the next time we follow up with them. If they don't, we read or pray with them. If they don't the next time, we teach them the importance of keeping commitments. Keeping commitments is practice for keeping covenants. Missionaries teach people that they can feel the Spirit even when we leave if they will but read or pray. So, follow up with someone. Have a comp. inventory. Talk openly with your spouse or kids or friend about what their strengths are what they can improve on, what their goals are, how you can help. I love comp inventory!! We had an especially good one this week, and I felt like Sister Valdez was going to help me as I am helping her. :)

Remeber: you're not alone! 
Don't die; do good things; be safe!!
Love y'all!
Sister Fry

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Trio now a Duo

So Wednesday we got a call from Elder Fielding (AP) to have Sister Cademis pack her bags and be ready to go to Robstown (in Sinton!!) in an hour!! It was so crazy! There were many "emergency transfers", but now it's just Sister Valdez and I in our area. :'(

Other than that, we had Stake Conference, and Elder Stoddard (from the 70) come. He's a funny guy, and Saturday night--at the adult session--at the very end, he had all the missionaries come to the front. There were 40 of us (plus President and his wife)!! And that wasn't even all the missionaries in the stake either! It was crazy fun! And he asked a few of us how the member-missionary work can be increased, and I was the very last one! It was super cool to have all eyes on me and now I can officially say I have spoken in Stake Conference! :) Many missionaries said to invite us over when you have non-member friends, or to come to a lesson with us. But I said that it is important to "Stand in Holy Places" and be an example of what you believe. You profess to be a Christian, but prove it.

It was also weird to see President Torres there as well! And it came in really handy. We had found an investigator and he came to conference and his girlfriend and her daughter. Sister Valdez got the impression to have President come talk to him. So it worked out that we were already standing up there so he came met our investigator. It was really neat because Sister Valdez introduced him as our "Papa" in the mission because we are away from our families. 

Other than that, we are still getting used to our area, members, and I am getting used to my terrible Spanish. But we are working on that! :)

I know this church is true because it has blessed my life. I have had many experiences that have helped me develop my faith. And thank you for all the prayers. :)
Sister Fry

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Un cambio! [a change]

Well well well. Monday as the last day of the transfer... (or the first day of this transfer....) Anyways, we went down to Corpus and went to the beach, some went to the Lexington ship thing, and we just had a chill Pday! It was super nice. I took 100 pictures that day. Then we had dinner with Brother Clem, and while we were there our district leader got the phone call and I got transferred! Yay! So Tuesday we woke up at 4am to swing down to Sinton to pick up something from the Zone leaders, then on to Robstown to meet with the others that were leaving from our zone.

So now I'm down in the Valley!! I'm serving in the Mission 3rd ward (Spanish), and I'm in a trio! My companions are Hna Valdez and Hna Cademis. They are so fun! But not only that, we are opening an area, and there are nine (YES 9!!) missionaries in this ward! How cool is that! President Torres really wants to get the Valley going because he wants a temple in McAllen!

That would be really cool, because some people can't pass the checkpoint to go up to the San Antonio temple, and others can't go into Mexico. Which is super sad, but if we keep going the way we are, there will be one here sometime!!

It's been kind of a crazy transition for me, going from a zone of 14 to a zone of like 25, and from having two in the apartment to having FIVE. Also, Mission is MUCH bigger than Beeville, so I am still lost, but with the grace of Sister Valdez's GPS, we are going to make it through! But it's been fun! Practicing Spanish is... coming. It's sort of difficult because (a) I haven't had to rely on Spanish for the last 6 months, (b) when people talk about things other than the Gospel, I am completely lost, and (c) it's scary!  But it's gotten a lot better this week, and I'll have at least five more weeks to really go hard on the paint with practicing my Spanish. :)

BUT get this--we show up at church and there's this lady there who has come twice now to church with her friend!! And we are meeting with her tonight!! Ahhh! Milagros se pasen!! [miracles happen] And we also have another investigator who we found and he has a daughter who's nine, and he really wants to learn more! Yay! So I'll keep you updated on those happenings, but the ward here is great, and they're super excited to have sisters!! And I had my first Mexican food! It was this silantro chicken stuff with rice and beans. It was delicious. :)

The Church is true!! Even though I didn't understand everything that happened in church yesterday, there are amazing people here! One sister talked about how we get a testimony, and how we need to first BELIEVE, then search and find for ourselves the things we want to know. It's not a bad thing at all to have questions! It's different from having doubts. Having questions means REVELATION! Answers to prayers and added knowledge. Having questions means LEARNING. It's wonderful the things you can learn from just having the Book of Mormon in your hands. "Where is the best place to find the Pride Cycle?" 4 Nephi and Mormon. (that's where I am in my reading) "What is the Spirit World like?" "How can I strengthen my faith?" "What more do I need to do or change in my life to make it more in harmony with the teachings of Jesus Christ?"
All your questions will be answered if you ask with a sincere heart. And with REAL INTENT--which means that you will act on whatever message/answer you recieve. That you will change your life to be what God wants it to be. It's hard. But it's possible. I know that. Not only do I know it, but I BELIEVE it too.

Love you!
Sister Fry
February 13, 2017

Fast Week!

Wow what a week. We're going to go list-letter today:
Monday: we just chilled and it was amazing! Then had dinner with a less-active at Sammy's (and saw--did not watch-- Duck Dynasty for the first time)
Tuesday: District meeting, family is super cool!!
Wednesday: Zone meeting, Taco Bell, we were told that we just need to enjoy our mission! So we took, or tried to, take some silly pictures on our bikes (WARNING: do not attempt.) And since the elders had to go down to MLC, we drove them down to Sinton and had a BOMB dinner with them and the ZL's at the Dunn's house. Oh so good.
Thursday: service at the Scotts, I hurt myself to take a cool picture.
Friday: we tried knocking every door on a street--didn't finish but we now have a cool new investigator and a good potential!
Saturday: Three Rivers!! we quick did our Spanish Study and then drove out there (ate at a delicious Mexican restaurant). And then looked for former investigators and potential investigators. Basically we went around Three Rivers and were "led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which [we] should do." (1 Nephi 4:6) And it was amazing! A little drippy, but we met some pretty cool pictures. 
Sunday: church--bore my testimony (which, in our tiny little ward I have had that amazing opportunity each month) :) And Dad: thank you. Every time we sing hymns at church, I know the bass line. It is ingrained in my memory forever. But even though I am not able to hear Dad's voice, I still feel the Spirit of the hymns. So, thank you dad!
Also, we were able to knock some doors, met this cool Jewish guy--super cool to talk to him, met a good potential, and a new investigator! All while the Super Bowl was on. haha. :)
We talked a lot and reflected also as we were walking about this transfer, and we have learned how to be more obedient, how to be silly, how to listen to the Spirit, we have prayed a LOT more, and we have learned how to move on from setbacks.

I love my mission and am excited for what this new transfer brings! I have no idea what will happen, but it will be so fun!
Sister Fry
February 6, 2017

What a week

We started off this week with a bang! District Meeting Tuesday, we were feeling like we weren't really doing anything. None of the people we are working with are progressing, and we didn't really feel like we were doing anything. So Elder Gonzalez challenged us to talk to every person we meet. And so we did. :) And even though we STILL don't have anyone progressing, we are still working super hard on that, and we are being diligent.

Wednesday we had a worldwide broadcast from Salt Lake where they talked about preaching repentance and baptizing converts. They also talked about some new schedule changes to get us outside spreading the gospel more!! What has been really nice is that we have already started doing that, thanks to our mission president. :) Also, we are focusing on less of the key indicators, only the ones that are super important! As we were driving home from Robstown, we were talking and it just felt like a weight had been lifted from our shoulders that we didn't even know we had! Sister Oscarson, during the meeting, said, "The thing I love about this new schedule is that it allows the missionaries to exercise their agency to determine how to best use their time." Amen to that!

Thursday after working and trying to find, we sat on a curb (which sometimes we do), to collect our thoughts and say a prayer. We got a call from the elders and they told us they had found Sandra. We met the elders at her house, had a great lesson with a member (and the elders!!) and also went over Friday and had a fantastic lesson. Saturday she called and said she wouldn't be able to make it, but being the persistent missionaries we are, went over anyways. Basically, we haven't been able to contact her since she called us :'( but that's sometimes how these things go. She really accepted the teachings and asked super good questions. :) 

Thursday after the lesson, we were meeting a member at Subway for dinner and so we were just this little biker gang--the four of us on our bikes cruising around town. That was super fun. Also: a word to the wise: don't drink three cups of Vitamin Water in one sitting. They had some at Subway and it was DELICIOUS, so of course we got refills. Bad idea. Don't do it. It doesn't make your insides feel good!! Elder Messinger had it the worst, with me coming in with a close second. But we are both better now

Sunday, after church and visiting Sister Gibson in the hospital (she's doing a lot better now--yay!!), Sister Peyro was a little down in the dumps. So I texted the Elders and they came over and we drove out to the country, where we can see more than we usually can. (Texas is super flat, BTW) That was really fun, relaxing, and lauging.

What have I learned from this week? Missionary work isn't what everyone says it is. You are tired and hot and cold and excited and basically you try to make the most out of what you've got. Whether the work is slow or you're baptizing thousands, the work is true. It's God's work. And no matter how much you think you've screwed it up, it's God's work, and it will always happen according to His plan. This I know. <3
Sister Fry

January 30, 2017

What do we do as missionaries?

Literalmente estamos planeando nuestra fe [Literally we are planning our faith]. We are just planning our faith. We have increased our teaching pool a little bit, so we'll keep teaching and help them progress towards Christ, trying to contact less-actives that the ward has given us, finding continually, making sure that we are not driving ourselves crazy, etc. Basically just missionary work!

In other news, I have a cold. :) My nose is a little drippy/stuffy, but it's more fun that way. :) Last Tuesday we were able to see some peeps in George West, and drove in the CRAZY rain.

Zone Conference--President Torres' English is getting really good! We learned about the Pre-mortal world and how important our actions here are to our eternal salvation. :) Just some light-n-easy stuff. But really--it was amazing. We're just sitting there having our minds blown and writing down as many scriptures as possible. :) Then he talked about how missions are just to see if God can trust us. :) 

Sister Fry
this is my compa [companion].      
January 23, 2017


Well, for all y'all that go to school, hope you had a nice, long weekend. For those of us that were missionaries, we couldn't email because the library was closed. :) In other news, we went to the AQUARIUM in Corpus!!!!!!! It was one-dollar-day, so it was PACKED. It was super fun. We got to see the dolphin show twice, saw some cool turtles, birds, a big boat, etc. So that was fun.

Last week was crazy. From exchanges, losing the keys, flat tires, being stranded and having to walk, finding, teaching, trying to teach, zone meetings, sicknesses, and just everything else of life, we made it! 

Sister Peyro was a little under the weather Friday so we stayed inside and I read through a lot of stuff (Teachings of Joseph Smith, January Ensign, Teachings of Gordon B Hinckley, etc.) also, we made a TON of phone calls to find out if any of them are correct on our ward list (since only about 10-12% of them we know/come regularly.) :)

For my 6-month mark (the 12th), we went to DQ and got blizzards, then found an old telephone booth and took a picture in it!

All the days and weeks are running together now, and I have no idea when anything is anymore. Was New Years in this transfer? January's already half-over.... it's practically summer again. 

we have been trying to find people and teach them and trying new techniques at door-contacts. And it's coming. Zone Conference this week, a trip to George West, and other missionary stuff are in store for us this week! And it starts in 15 minutes!!!! Let's GOOOO!

The Church is true. God loves you. When things are hard, they really aren't. One of our new investigators, when we invited him to church said, "If I can wake up at 8am, I can come to church." And I think that will be my new motto.

Keep up the good work. Don't die. Do good things.
Also: do family history!! I have found many people from doing mine. It's not all done! I have sent names to the temple! "Do we know what we have?" YES! The restored gospel! Temples! Eternal families! the atonement! Now go share it!
Love you!
Sister Fry

January 17, 2017

A Week of Silly

Howdy, howdy, howdy!
So, where to start this week? Monday we got together with the Zone and watched the elders play basketball and then we played chair soccer (we all have a chair and if someone hits our chair we get two lives, and then we have to sit out. But if we knock over someone else's chair, we get back in. I won the second game by a miracle shot!) Then we had Gumbo again at the Wybles and did some role-plays as part of the elder's lesson there. That was kind of fun.

Tuesday we had a Zone meeting and basically it was about how President has been telling us that we need to do this and do that and change this and we are working super hard!! And we're beginning to see the fruits of our labors! And it's amazing!!! But with that, we are also getting a little burned out. Because HE WANTS A TEMPLE IN MCALLEN!!!!! And we want one too! So we're trying to work super hard!! But also, we are trying to remember that we need to BELIEVE that we can do it. Because if we don't believe, then nothing matters.

Wednesday we helped Brother Gothard destroy his trailer, and then moved apartments. It took us 6 HOURS to move apartments. Luckily, the elders helped move our ginormus-yellow-dirty-couch, and we were able to clean out a lot of the stuff that was just chillin' in our apartment from other sisters. Now we have a smaller apartment and we can feel the Spirit a lot more in the new place. (the new apartment is just another building in the complex.)

Thursday we did service at the Scotts: putting up planks so they can put up their second attic. And worked the rest of the day. FRIDAY we went to Refugio!!! It was really cold (~37 degrees + wind + humidity.) Needless to say, we were offered rides twice, got a free jacket for Sister Peyro, and our bodies were super cold. But we are starting to go through the ward list and find out which addresses/phone numbers are correct, and seeing who needs to be seen! Which was super fun.

Saturday was AWESOME! we contacted, found someone new! Had ice cream at DQ with Oj, picked up the elders, knocked doors... it was absolutely amazing!

Then yesterday there was a YSA broadcast. It was SOOOOO good! I loved it. I also spoke with Elder Messinger and Elder Gonzalez about (suprise) missionary work. But we all covered something different, and it was super good. So fun. And yes-- even though I'm a missionary and talk to people every day, I still get a little nervous about giving talks. (but who doesn't??) And we had 45 people at church!! yay! now that the holidays are over and everyone's back at school, we hope to get the numbers to keep going up!

Love y'all!
Sister Fry

January 9, 2017



So when we were told in interviews that Sister Perez would be staying and I would be leaving... it was all a lie!! No, but Sister Perez left on Wednesday and I got my new compa: Sister Peyro ("Pay-row") She's super cool! I love her already. She's super silly and funny and just wonderful to have around. So yeah! We're still in Beeville and we LOVE it. She is the youngest of three, her parents were converted when she was 6, she has wanted to serve a mission since she was about 9, and her birthday is in May! (She also goes home in May!), she has super curly hair, and is a goofball. I love her!!

We have cleaned up our list of investigators and "thrown out" the ones that aren't progressing, or that we've only seen once and have not been able to see again. SO, we're super excited to find a whole lot more people today, tomorrow, and every day!

Our Christmas P-day was absolutely AMAZING because we got to watch STAR WARS 7!!! Even though I've already seen it, it was cute to see some of the other missionaries who haven't seen it. ALSO for New Year's we get to watch FINDING DORY TODAY!!!!!!!!! We're super excited, and super grateful to our mission president for letting us have a little fun as a Christmas present. :)

Yes, getting close to that 6 month mark! Crazy, it's going by super fast. Super. Yes, I say that often ("now when you say "often", do you mean "orphan" a person who has lost his parents, or "often" frequently?"--NAME that movie!)

Anyways, so that's the most exciting things going on this week. We have been super silly, which is always fun, like: throwing water bottles in the air and seeing whose goes highest, trimming trees, flipping cats (now that is fun), seeing members, eating food, yelling in the streets... you know--normal missionary stuff. If anything the mission has taught me is that it's important to be serious and get the things God wants you to get done done, but he doesn't want us just to begrudgingly do it! "Men are that they might have JOY"!! So stick a smile on your face and find the little things that make you happiest!

Les quiero [I love you all], Sister Fry

January 2, 2017

Happy Boxing Day!

This week we have worked super duper hard. Like it's 8:30 and we still have to keep working. But something that has changed since our last Zone conference is we don't have to plan at night anymore!!  So we get home and in our pj's as quick as we can! haha. There are a lot of tired missionaries out there in the world! So now our morning schedule is we have personal study for an hour, companion study for 30 minutes and then we plan for 30 minutes before going out and doing VELO at ten. 

We found a lot of new people this week, and we have been reflecting a lot as well. Sister Perez has almost five months left on her mission, and I have been out for almost six months! Which is just about the craziest thing ever. I cannot even believe it. But my testimony of this gospel has grown and it has solidified.

On the way home from Three Rivers, I came up with this super cool analogy. Okay so we all know those little block/toy things for toddlers right? You have the circle block and you put it in the circle hole, same with the square and the triangle, etc. So before we leave on our missions, well... the first 18 years of our lives we don't really have to worry about anyone else. It's just me me me! And it's GREAT! :) so we're like this circle block and we fit into our little circle hole. When we go on a mission, the hole is different. We try to force our circle block into the triangle hole. And it doesn't really work. We can either break the hole, or we can break the block (ourselves, in essence). When we break  ourselves, we can better fit, be molded, and be teachable people. we are turning into what God wants us to become. So then by the end of our mission, we're pretty darn close to being a pretty pink triangle right? so then when we go home, we say "oh! i remember how to do this!!" and we try to go back to the circle hole, the world we knew. Again, two things can happen: we can either undo, in essence, all we have done on our missions and just go back to our "old selves", back to our "circle selves" or we can find a new hole to grow into. A hole where we can become even more like Christ. That's one challenge of missionary life, but it's a challenge worth taking. 

I love you all and hope your Christmas was filled with the Spirit of Christ. President said (in our little mission party on Tuesday) that Santa is real, because he represents the spirit of Christmas, and the spirit of Christmas is the Spirit of Christ

con amor [with love], Sister Fry
MTC buddies
December 26, 2016

Freezing cold

Well, winter hit all at once Sunday. :) Saturday was freakishly warm and we didn't wear sweaters or anything. But then everyone was like "the arctic front will hit on Sunday" "make sure you're warm enough". haha. And it did. When we went out to get people to church it was a nice 36 degrees outside! And it warmed up to 41. :) We tried staying inside as much as possible, but are grateful for the sisters that left warm jackets in the apartment so that we can still bike. (Which we are also grateful for because both were out of commission, but somehow I fixed them! #twastheSpirit) So yay! We hadn't used them for like a week, so Saturday we were suffering a little bit. :) haha.

Anyways, it was a super good week we had lessons, super spiritual lessons, and we found a few people to start seeing. But what was really exciting was Zone Conference on Thursday. We also had interviews, and President Torres told me that I'm leaving :( but to a Spanish area :), and Sister Perez will stay here with a new companion. So that's as much as I know today, transfers will be next Tuesday (27th). But that's not really what was exciting.

What was exciting are the things that are going to be happening in 2017. So Satan hasn't really had to worry about our mission five months ago. He's just been doing his little thing and we've just been a mission. BUT when President Torres came, he started stirring the waters. This year we are going to be doing family history once a week for 2 whole hours!! For our family!!! Ah I'm so excited! Also, we are focusing on getting better ward coordination meetings, and getting auxiliary heads to come to our weekly missionary meeting. That being said, Satan has also been working really hard at bringing us down. Now we've taken control of the Texas McAllen Mission, and are going to start doing REALLY great things. :) (also we are finally getting iPads sometime this year--which will be an adjustment to all of us. Because we only know how to be missionaries without them. But it will be a growing experience for all of us, and it will be SUPER FUNNNNN!!!)
Also: here's a video that is basically what our mission president is. And how he got a temple in Honduras (#McAllenTemple?????) who knows!!! But we'll work on it!! : (

In other news, I found out that I am slightly allergic to cats. We went to Sister Boyer's house yesterday and one of her kittens scratched me and it started itching. :) 
Love y'all! Stay warm!
Sister Fry

Giant fuzzy Teddy Bear

December 19, 2016

Winter, Exchanges, etc.

This week this week. It rained, we were FREEEEEEZING, I bought a bear blanket. We got matching sock/slipper things, it is warm again, we went on
exchanges, we invited THREE people to be baptized and they all accepted. We laughed, we cried, we worked, we walked, we biked, we sat, we played games, we sweated, we contacted a house that they've been trying to contact for 4 transfers now, etc.

That's basically the week in a nutshell.

But yeah. Our district leader and STLs were like "what changed?" because we hadn't invited anyone to be baptized in FOREVER. And basically what changed is, we asked. It doesn't take a super strong spiritual impression to invite someone. So we were at Berta's house and I just... asked her if she wanted to be baptized. She thought about it for a little while and then said yes. She has had three strokes and is trying to recuperate from them. She is such a sweet lady and asks us questions all the time. She came to church yesterday and even though we weren't really around her all that much (we are stretched super thin here), we talked with her later in the evening, and she really liked it. She also asked us "what is the church to you?" kind of like, why do we like it? And basically my answer was, I like church because of the love I feel there. We're starting to get the ward/branch back on its feet, and set some goals for next year. We are working hard, and church isn't just some place you go to on Sundays. We go to mutual, Relief Society activities, ward socials, etc. And I love the church and I go to church because I'm not perfect. I am able to be better because I go to church. With friends and family at my side, it makes things a little easier. You're accountable to them: "haven't seen you at church for a while, what's up?" or "how can I help?" or something like that.

Basically, church is to me that drive to live better. It's family. It's late nights. It's stuffing my face at Christmastime. It's Jesus. It's His Atonement. It's a single prayer. We go to church, I am a missionary, we have temples, all because of a prayer. One single prayer uttered by a fourteen year old boy has changed so many lives. It has helped so many people overcome their weaknesses and get on their knees and pray to God. God is our foundation and we strive to be like Jesus Christ.

So come to church! There's people there that love you--who don't even know you and they already love you. 

Anyways, keep doing good things and have a happy holidays!

Love y'all!
Sister Fry

This is what it means by "outdoor plumbing" right??

December 12, 2016

That's silly

So I typed up this super eloquent letter, pouring out my heart and sould to y'all... and then it didn't save. sorry.

No time this week, I guess it wasn't meant to be. 

Words of wisdom: dont' eat Wataburger at 9:30pm at night. It's not worth it (even though it totally was) :)

Love y'all
Sister Fry


We found Santa in CalAllen                
                            Gigantic bubbles

November 28, 2016

Lesson in Patience

So we're in Corpus because WE GOT OUR ELDERS BACK!!! YAY! So Elder Gundersen went home to recup from his surgeries, so he flew home Tuesday, and Elder Gonzales stayed with the zone leaders until Friday when they texted and said we were going to have elders!!! So our elders are Elder Gonzales and Elder Messinger. And when they told us that, we had a huge weight lifted from our shoulders. phew! So we're in Corpus for the dermatologist again. woop!
Also, sorry. So this keyboard's space bar only works if you push the one corner super hard. This is the hardest trial of my patience.
We were challenged by our zone leaders to read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John by Christmas,so we've started that. And now I'm in Mark! It's been super fun reading about the Savior. And the things He did. It has just increased my testimony of the things that Christ has  done for us. He practiced what He preached (Shelley: Matthew 21:28-31). And I know that Christ is my friend. He knows me. He is always by my side. My favorite scripture is in Isaiah 53:3-5:
"Surely he hath borne [my] griefs, and carried [my] sorrows.... But he was wounded for [my] transgressions, he was bruised for [my] iniquities: the chastisement of [my] peace was upon him; and with his stripes [I] [am] healed." I especially love that last part. <3 go right now. watch the #lighttheworld video. It is the best! I love it so much! I could watch it over and over and want to watch it again.
Also, winter came Saturday. so Saturday and Sunday were rainy and cold (and we can't ride our bikes, so we walked Saturday!) haha "you shouldn't be outside in this weather!" "you WALKED here??" and yet there were still people that were like "bye felicia!" and didn't want to talk to us. :) But we saw a lot of miracles. President promised us that if we find someone new every day, we'll baptize at least once a month! Can you imagine that? One new convert in each area. that would be 7 converts for our (Sinton) zone, each month!  Imagine how many people would come unto Christ!

Love y'all! Keep Christ near your heart and He will keep you warm!
Sister Fry

December 5, 2016

Monday, February 13, 2017

A Baptism, the Hospital, and Everything in Between

Sorry to all you who like to read my sister's weekly letters. School has gotten pretty crazy for me but I am determined to get this blog up to date again. So I will be making updates as often as possible so that you can find out what amazing experiences Hermana Fry has been having. Also helping me on this update is our wonderful father so stay tuned for lots of posts!

November 20, 2016

Well, let me tell y'all: This has been the hardest, most stressful, most exhausting week of the mission; but I wouldn't have had it any other way.

So. Tuesday we were able to find Jimmy again! We hadn't seen him since the first day of last transfer (exactly 6 weeks ago, on a Tuesday, at 10am). And we were able to start his family history!! Which was a learning experience for all of us because I didn't really know how to start! but really all you need to know are your parents, grandparents, and if you're really lucky your great-grandparents. And then the computer finds death certificates, census records, obituaries, etc. It was super cool. :) So, if you feel like you're tree is "done", it's not, BUT you can also index, so that people like Jimmy can see that their ancestors really did exist and that they lived and had siblings that they didn't even know about!!

This is what missionaries do when they see statues. :)
Tuesday night Elder Gundersen went to the hospital because of his appendix. And anyone in Beeville will tell you that our hospital ... isn't the best. So he was transported to Corpus Friday evening and his dad was able to fly down to see him yesterday (he looks exactly like his dad). We visited Elder G in the hospital, we saw the beach, and saw one of our members whose grandson in is also there. So that was good. He's hopefully on the mend, but we'll see. Our ward members have really shown their concern for them and for us. We had a Thanksgiving dinner Saturday night and everyone was like "take a plate to the elders!" or "take some food with you!" so that's been really nice. 

So that's been the brunt of everything that's been going on in Beeville, we are currently without elders, got scared a few times (haha), did some service, ate food, jammed out in our "new-to-us-car", and taught lessons.

Amanda's baptism!
But wait! There's more! Amanda (who we've been working with for the past two transfers) got baptized yesterday! And so even though she had a lot of family problems in the last couple days she kept bearing her testimony that she knew that this is what God wants her to do, and she said everything would work out--and it did! #blessings!

Love y'all! Do some family history! Find out who you belong to! start at and you can have a free account, and start with your parents! p.s. there is also a way to find out how to do it if you're adopted, which is another challenge we get to face with someone we know! It's going to be super fun!
Con amor, Sista Fry

Service@ Scotts. It was very windy