Monday, February 13, 2017

A Baptism, the Hospital, and Everything in Between

Sorry to all you who like to read my sister's weekly letters. School has gotten pretty crazy for me but I am determined to get this blog up to date again. So I will be making updates as often as possible so that you can find out what amazing experiences Hermana Fry has been having. Also helping me on this update is our wonderful father so stay tuned for lots of posts!

November 20, 2016

Well, let me tell y'all: This has been the hardest, most stressful, most exhausting week of the mission; but I wouldn't have had it any other way.

So. Tuesday we were able to find Jimmy again! We hadn't seen him since the first day of last transfer (exactly 6 weeks ago, on a Tuesday, at 10am). And we were able to start his family history!! Which was a learning experience for all of us because I didn't really know how to start! but really all you need to know are your parents, grandparents, and if you're really lucky your great-grandparents. And then the computer finds death certificates, census records, obituaries, etc. It was super cool. :) So, if you feel like you're tree is "done", it's not, BUT you can also index, so that people like Jimmy can see that their ancestors really did exist and that they lived and had siblings that they didn't even know about!!

This is what missionaries do when they see statues. :)
Tuesday night Elder Gundersen went to the hospital because of his appendix. And anyone in Beeville will tell you that our hospital ... isn't the best. So he was transported to Corpus Friday evening and his dad was able to fly down to see him yesterday (he looks exactly like his dad). We visited Elder G in the hospital, we saw the beach, and saw one of our members whose grandson in is also there. So that was good. He's hopefully on the mend, but we'll see. Our ward members have really shown their concern for them and for us. We had a Thanksgiving dinner Saturday night and everyone was like "take a plate to the elders!" or "take some food with you!" so that's been really nice. 

So that's been the brunt of everything that's been going on in Beeville, we are currently without elders, got scared a few times (haha), did some service, ate food, jammed out in our "new-to-us-car", and taught lessons.

Amanda's baptism!
But wait! There's more! Amanda (who we've been working with for the past two transfers) got baptized yesterday! And so even though she had a lot of family problems in the last couple days she kept bearing her testimony that she knew that this is what God wants her to do, and she said everything would work out--and it did! #blessings!

Love y'all! Do some family history! Find out who you belong to! start at and you can have a free account, and start with your parents! p.s. there is also a way to find out how to do it if you're adopted, which is another challenge we get to face with someone we know! It's going to be super fun!
Con amor, Sista Fry

Service@ Scotts. It was very windy

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