Sunday, February 19, 2017



So when we were told in interviews that Sister Perez would be staying and I would be leaving... it was all a lie!! No, but Sister Perez left on Wednesday and I got my new compa: Sister Peyro ("Pay-row") She's super cool! I love her already. She's super silly and funny and just wonderful to have around. So yeah! We're still in Beeville and we LOVE it. She is the youngest of three, her parents were converted when she was 6, she has wanted to serve a mission since she was about 9, and her birthday is in May! (She also goes home in May!), she has super curly hair, and is a goofball. I love her!!

We have cleaned up our list of investigators and "thrown out" the ones that aren't progressing, or that we've only seen once and have not been able to see again. SO, we're super excited to find a whole lot more people today, tomorrow, and every day!

Our Christmas P-day was absolutely AMAZING because we got to watch STAR WARS 7!!! Even though I've already seen it, it was cute to see some of the other missionaries who haven't seen it. ALSO for New Year's we get to watch FINDING DORY TODAY!!!!!!!!! We're super excited, and super grateful to our mission president for letting us have a little fun as a Christmas present. :)

Yes, getting close to that 6 month mark! Crazy, it's going by super fast. Super. Yes, I say that often ("now when you say "often", do you mean "orphan" a person who has lost his parents, or "often" frequently?"--NAME that movie!)

Anyways, so that's the most exciting things going on this week. We have been super silly, which is always fun, like: throwing water bottles in the air and seeing whose goes highest, trimming trees, flipping cats (now that is fun), seeing members, eating food, yelling in the streets... you know--normal missionary stuff. If anything the mission has taught me is that it's important to be serious and get the things God wants you to get done done, but he doesn't want us just to begrudgingly do it! "Men are that they might have JOY"!! So stick a smile on your face and find the little things that make you happiest!

Les quiero [I love you all], Sister Fry

January 2, 2017

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