Sunday, February 19, 2017

Fast Week!

Wow what a week. We're going to go list-letter today:
Monday: we just chilled and it was amazing! Then had dinner with a less-active at Sammy's (and saw--did not watch-- Duck Dynasty for the first time)
Tuesday: District meeting, family is super cool!!
Wednesday: Zone meeting, Taco Bell, we were told that we just need to enjoy our mission! So we took, or tried to, take some silly pictures on our bikes (WARNING: do not attempt.) And since the elders had to go down to MLC, we drove them down to Sinton and had a BOMB dinner with them and the ZL's at the Dunn's house. Oh so good.
Thursday: service at the Scotts, I hurt myself to take a cool picture.
Friday: we tried knocking every door on a street--didn't finish but we now have a cool new investigator and a good potential!
Saturday: Three Rivers!! we quick did our Spanish Study and then drove out there (ate at a delicious Mexican restaurant). And then looked for former investigators and potential investigators. Basically we went around Three Rivers and were "led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which [we] should do." (1 Nephi 4:6) And it was amazing! A little drippy, but we met some pretty cool pictures. 
Sunday: church--bore my testimony (which, in our tiny little ward I have had that amazing opportunity each month) :) And Dad: thank you. Every time we sing hymns at church, I know the bass line. It is ingrained in my memory forever. But even though I am not able to hear Dad's voice, I still feel the Spirit of the hymns. So, thank you dad!
Also, we were able to knock some doors, met this cool Jewish guy--super cool to talk to him, met a good potential, and a new investigator! All while the Super Bowl was on. haha. :)
We talked a lot and reflected also as we were walking about this transfer, and we have learned how to be more obedient, how to be silly, how to listen to the Spirit, we have prayed a LOT more, and we have learned how to move on from setbacks.

I love my mission and am excited for what this new transfer brings! I have no idea what will happen, but it will be so fun!
Sister Fry
February 6, 2017

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