Sunday, February 19, 2017

Freezing cold

Well, winter hit all at once Sunday. :) Saturday was freakishly warm and we didn't wear sweaters or anything. But then everyone was like "the arctic front will hit on Sunday" "make sure you're warm enough". haha. And it did. When we went out to get people to church it was a nice 36 degrees outside! And it warmed up to 41. :) We tried staying inside as much as possible, but are grateful for the sisters that left warm jackets in the apartment so that we can still bike. (Which we are also grateful for because both were out of commission, but somehow I fixed them! #twastheSpirit) So yay! We hadn't used them for like a week, so Saturday we were suffering a little bit. :) haha.

Anyways, it was a super good week we had lessons, super spiritual lessons, and we found a few people to start seeing. But what was really exciting was Zone Conference on Thursday. We also had interviews, and President Torres told me that I'm leaving :( but to a Spanish area :), and Sister Perez will stay here with a new companion. So that's as much as I know today, transfers will be next Tuesday (27th). But that's not really what was exciting.

What was exciting are the things that are going to be happening in 2017. So Satan hasn't really had to worry about our mission five months ago. He's just been doing his little thing and we've just been a mission. BUT when President Torres came, he started stirring the waters. This year we are going to be doing family history once a week for 2 whole hours!! For our family!!! Ah I'm so excited! Also, we are focusing on getting better ward coordination meetings, and getting auxiliary heads to come to our weekly missionary meeting. That being said, Satan has also been working really hard at bringing us down. Now we've taken control of the Texas McAllen Mission, and are going to start doing REALLY great things. :) (also we are finally getting iPads sometime this year--which will be an adjustment to all of us. Because we only know how to be missionaries without them. But it will be a growing experience for all of us, and it will be SUPER FUNNNNN!!!)
Also: here's a video that is basically what our mission president is. And how he got a temple in Honduras (#McAllenTemple?????) who knows!!! But we'll work on it!! : (

In other news, I found out that I am slightly allergic to cats. We went to Sister Boyer's house yesterday and one of her kittens scratched me and it started itching. :) 
Love y'all! Stay warm!
Sister Fry

Giant fuzzy Teddy Bear

December 19, 2016

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