Sunday, February 19, 2017

Happy Boxing Day!

This week we have worked super duper hard. Like it's 8:30 and we still have to keep working. But something that has changed since our last Zone conference is we don't have to plan at night anymore!!  So we get home and in our pj's as quick as we can! haha. There are a lot of tired missionaries out there in the world! So now our morning schedule is we have personal study for an hour, companion study for 30 minutes and then we plan for 30 minutes before going out and doing VELO at ten. 

We found a lot of new people this week, and we have been reflecting a lot as well. Sister Perez has almost five months left on her mission, and I have been out for almost six months! Which is just about the craziest thing ever. I cannot even believe it. But my testimony of this gospel has grown and it has solidified.

On the way home from Three Rivers, I came up with this super cool analogy. Okay so we all know those little block/toy things for toddlers right? You have the circle block and you put it in the circle hole, same with the square and the triangle, etc. So before we leave on our missions, well... the first 18 years of our lives we don't really have to worry about anyone else. It's just me me me! And it's GREAT! :) so we're like this circle block and we fit into our little circle hole. When we go on a mission, the hole is different. We try to force our circle block into the triangle hole. And it doesn't really work. We can either break the hole, or we can break the block (ourselves, in essence). When we break  ourselves, we can better fit, be molded, and be teachable people. we are turning into what God wants us to become. So then by the end of our mission, we're pretty darn close to being a pretty pink triangle right? so then when we go home, we say "oh! i remember how to do this!!" and we try to go back to the circle hole, the world we knew. Again, two things can happen: we can either undo, in essence, all we have done on our missions and just go back to our "old selves", back to our "circle selves" or we can find a new hole to grow into. A hole where we can become even more like Christ. That's one challenge of missionary life, but it's a challenge worth taking. 

I love you all and hope your Christmas was filled with the Spirit of Christ. President said (in our little mission party on Tuesday) that Santa is real, because he represents the spirit of Christmas, and the spirit of Christmas is the Spirit of Christ

con amor [with love], Sister Fry
MTC buddies
December 26, 2016

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