Monday, February 27, 2017

"Marching" Forward!

That pun is thanks to Grandpa Fry. :)

Well this has been quite the roller coaster of a week! We had interviews Thursday and President said that my Spanish is improving (I don't quite feel the same, but...) and that we need to ride our bikes to find people!! I'm used to finding very few people up in Beeville, but down here in the Valle, they practically fall at our feet! (not really, but still). So that's been fun. :) 

Paula came to church the first Sunday we were here, but that was her second time coming to church! A member works with her, and she invited Paula to church and she has come three times already! The only day she has off is Sunday, which makes it hard to teach her, but we went over yesterday and taught her the Plan of Salvation, because she has a daughter that passed away when she was twelve. So that brought her a lot of comfort. She also came to the baptism that the AP's had yesterday, and we're going over tonight with a member, because she doesn't have work today either!! *AND* we set a BD for the 12th of March with her! MILAGROS SE PASEN!! [miracles happen] The valle is super cool. President also told me that the members are more than happy to help us, we just need to find the people that need to come! 

Let me tell you a little story about Mission 3rd Ward: President Torres made it his little project to start getting the wards down here to fully function with missionary work. So now, months later, we have ward coordination every week (if you don't know what that is, it is a meeting where all the heads of the auxiliary--Primary president, YM/YW president, elders Quorum president, Soc Soc (what President calls the Relief Society: "Sociodad de Socorro"), etc.--meet together to talk about re-activation. And President worked really hard to get this place moving. And now it is! And we have great ward missionaries that I'm sure we'll keep using more and more. 

What is really great and what gets people really moving and really committed is follow-up. If you don't follow up, nothing really happens. For instance: if I ask the RS president to visit a less-active family, but don't follow-up, then she might not remember or think it was that important. BUT if you ask them if they did it, and they didn't do it, then they feel bad and have even more desire to do it the next week. :) Same goes to people who are investigating the Church. We ask our investigators to set aside a little time to meet with us and to read the scriptures and pray about our message. And the next time we follow up with them. If they don't, we read or pray with them. If they don't the next time, we teach them the importance of keeping commitments. Keeping commitments is practice for keeping covenants. Missionaries teach people that they can feel the Spirit even when we leave if they will but read or pray. So, follow up with someone. Have a comp. inventory. Talk openly with your spouse or kids or friend about what their strengths are what they can improve on, what their goals are, how you can help. I love comp inventory!! We had an especially good one this week, and I felt like Sister Valdez was going to help me as I am helping her. :)

Remeber: you're not alone! 
Don't die; do good things; be safe!!
Love y'all!
Sister Fry

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