Sunday, February 19, 2017


Well, for all y'all that go to school, hope you had a nice, long weekend. For those of us that were missionaries, we couldn't email because the library was closed. :) In other news, we went to the AQUARIUM in Corpus!!!!!!! It was one-dollar-day, so it was PACKED. It was super fun. We got to see the dolphin show twice, saw some cool turtles, birds, a big boat, etc. So that was fun.

Last week was crazy. From exchanges, losing the keys, flat tires, being stranded and having to walk, finding, teaching, trying to teach, zone meetings, sicknesses, and just everything else of life, we made it! 

Sister Peyro was a little under the weather Friday so we stayed inside and I read through a lot of stuff (Teachings of Joseph Smith, January Ensign, Teachings of Gordon B Hinckley, etc.) also, we made a TON of phone calls to find out if any of them are correct on our ward list (since only about 10-12% of them we know/come regularly.) :)

For my 6-month mark (the 12th), we went to DQ and got blizzards, then found an old telephone booth and took a picture in it!

All the days and weeks are running together now, and I have no idea when anything is anymore. Was New Years in this transfer? January's already half-over.... it's practically summer again. 

we have been trying to find people and teach them and trying new techniques at door-contacts. And it's coming. Zone Conference this week, a trip to George West, and other missionary stuff are in store for us this week! And it starts in 15 minutes!!!! Let's GOOOO!

The Church is true. God loves you. When things are hard, they really aren't. One of our new investigators, when we invited him to church said, "If I can wake up at 8am, I can come to church." And I think that will be my new motto.

Keep up the good work. Don't die. Do good things.
Also: do family history!! I have found many people from doing mine. It's not all done! I have sent names to the temple! "Do we know what we have?" YES! The restored gospel! Temples! Eternal families! the atonement! Now go share it!
Love you!
Sister Fry

January 17, 2017

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