Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Trio now a Duo

So Wednesday we got a call from Elder Fielding (AP) to have Sister Cademis pack her bags and be ready to go to Robstown (in Sinton!!) in an hour!! It was so crazy! There were many "emergency transfers", but now it's just Sister Valdez and I in our area. :'(

Other than that, we had Stake Conference, and Elder Stoddard (from the 70) come. He's a funny guy, and Saturday night--at the adult session--at the very end, he had all the missionaries come to the front. There were 40 of us (plus President and his wife)!! And that wasn't even all the missionaries in the stake either! It was crazy fun! And he asked a few of us how the member-missionary work can be increased, and I was the very last one! It was super cool to have all eyes on me and now I can officially say I have spoken in Stake Conference! :) Many missionaries said to invite us over when you have non-member friends, or to come to a lesson with us. But I said that it is important to "Stand in Holy Places" and be an example of what you believe. You profess to be a Christian, but prove it.

It was also weird to see President Torres there as well! And it came in really handy. We had found an investigator and he came to conference and his girlfriend and her daughter. Sister Valdez got the impression to have President come talk to him. So it worked out that we were already standing up there so he came met our investigator. It was really neat because Sister Valdez introduced him as our "Papa" in the mission because we are away from our families. 

Other than that, we are still getting used to our area, members, and I am getting used to my terrible Spanish. But we are working on that! :)

I know this church is true because it has blessed my life. I have had many experiences that have helped me develop my faith. And thank you for all the prayers. :)
Sister Fry

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