Monday, March 6, 2017

Blessings on Blessings on Blessings!

Quick before I leave:

Priesthood blessings are a gift from God. We sometimes think we can do everything on our own, but we need the help of God. So if you're needing more direction in your life, need answers to questions, or just need to feel the Spirit, ask for a blessing. They are wonderful.

In other news, we moved!! We moved to a different apartment on Saturday, and we were only informed of it on Tuesday. haha. But now, after 11 years, there are no more Summer Breeze missionaries. :)

We are preparing someone to be baptized this week, and two more the next week. Our ward mission leader came up to Sister Valdez and I and asked "when are YOU going to have a baptism?" because the AP's and the other elders in our ward have been having baptisms. haha. :)

I love y'all and sorry it was short this week!
Sister Fry

It rained a lot...we were completely soaked. :) my jacket didn't do much for me. :) But being the stubborn Oregonian that I am, I refused the umbrella. haha. Don't be prideful!

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