Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I now think in Tex-Mex

Dear my beloved people:

This week has been absolutely crazy. It has flown by. Transfer Tuesday was a success and I spent a little bit of the day with Sister Kindle as our companions were being transferred. Then we got a call to come to the La Vista Chapel, so that was fun to see some people who were being transferred and all. But also I met my companion!! Sister Crouch! (yes like the verb!) She's so awesome! This is her last transfer, so I will be "killing" her. :) There are many people in our zone who are dying this transfer. :( But such is the mission! :)

But so yeah! We found the Puente family and they are super cool! We brought a member over after coordination on Wednesday and just about overwhelmed the Mom with scouts and activities and everything--and we haven't even taught the first lesson!! Our focus this transfer is families of 5.

Also, five must be our lucky number because at coordination President Torres came and talked about "Cinco por cinco!" [Five for five] Things that the ward members need to do to split the ward again in SIX months!! The members here are willing and ready to answer the call of missionary work! Since the ward split last week, we have new Primary, YM, and YW presidencies and a new ward mission leader, and all their testimonies were about missionary work and reactivation!! We also had the most delicious food ever from the new Primary President, and she was super ready to grow her little primary. :) It was sooooooo cool! These people want a temple!

Also we had found Juanie last transfer, and we talked about the Book of Mormon and General conference with her on Friday! And so she came to the Women's Broadcast with us!! She said that she would text us at 6pm to see if she would be able to make it. So 6:05 rolled around and she TEXTED US!!!--which we had completely forgotten about! IT WAS SO COOL!! And so we swung by her house at 6:45 and she was all ready to go! This was my first time watching conference in Spanish... but it won't be my last. :)

Saturday overall was a day of miracles. The zone blitzed our area (aka all the missionaries in our zone came and tracted and found us some people to start working with). It was amazing. Then we had a quick lunch (haha we hardly did Spanish study this week--we just haven't had time!!) and met with the sisters so we could get their key to the church, drove practically back home to show our member where our investigator lived to pile in their car to give a church tour. Alex, (who lives with his "primos"[cousins] Ales, Jorge, and Elio) We have met now everyone in that trailer. haha. and Alex was the last one! But we met him on Friday and Sis Crouch just popped out and said "we're going to be having a church tour tomorrow, do you wanna come?" And he said sure! So funny miracles that came from that: Brother Garcia--who picked him up is from El Salvador, same as Alex! So that was super cool. So we gave a tour of the rooms and stuff and then ended in the chapel. So we sat in silence for a little bit and then when sis Crouch asked how he felt, he said "bien" with almost a tear in his eye. It was amazing. The Spirit was so strong. And Brother Garcia and his two kids were just saying "when you get baptized, this is where you'll get baptized..." and "when you get the priesthood..." and we haven't even taught him the first lesson or anything!! We just met him the day before! But it was very cool. It was a new and neat experience.

Sorry, I guess I should explain more about my companion! Sis Crouch is from MEXICO!!!!! haha. she always says that. She's from a tiny town near Brigham City, UT, she has 3 brothers, and has served in just about every part of our mission. And--get this--she's also going to school for Geology! small world!

Many miracles this week, and working super hard with the urgency that this valle needs!

Con amor, Hermana Fry
p.s. I got a little sunburned Wednesday! :)

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