Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Why have a napkin when you have a tortilla?

Many miracles, trials, and faith.

We started this week of with Zone Conference on Tuesday, and President talked about our "Sacrifice Table." and how we need to put our all on the table and give it all to God and leave it there. Leave it there to be consumed in the fire. Not to put it there, and then a couple days later say "Actually, I want this back." And how we need to be working in the Lord's way. Since this is "[HIS] work and [HIS] glory, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." (Moises 1:39) Since it's His work, we need to do it His way! So after fasting and praying I found out what God wants me (needs me) to put on my sacrificial altar and give it to him and not worry about it. And then when challenges come and trials come, I need to exercise my faith in Him and not worry about how it's all going to work out. And it's hard. Really really hard. :) The temptation is great, but we have to have faith!

Enough about me. We met Arturo and Nora this week! He had some "questions of the soul" about why he's here on the earth. Also, Fabiola. She's the sweetest thing. She and her three kids live here, and her husband works/lives in Mexico. She lives here because her two boys are autistic. But they are super sweet kids. :) And she had the best questions! "If the apostles and Jesus died, what happened to the authority?" We were almost bouncing out of our seats--we were so excited!! And we explained the rest of the message and she had questions about church and missionaries and everything. It was super fun to answer them! 

We see miracles and tender mercies every day. Little ones that tell us God loves us and He is there for His children. President Chandler (Stake Presidency) tells a story about when one of his daughters was falling away in her testimony. And he was thinking and praying about if he needed to spend more time with her and less on his calling. But the answer he received was "Take care of My sheep and I'll take care of yours." And so he continued fulfilling his calling, and two missionaries were able to help his daughter and now she is serving a mission. :) 

Spanish is coming, it rained off and on this week, working hard!
Sister Fry

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