Thursday, April 27, 2017

It's Coming!!

The end of the transfer, the end of the month, the end of Sister Crouch's mission :((((, our baptisms and EVERYTHING! ahhh!

Updates: Juany is super excited to be baptized this weekend, when we asked about who she wanted to speak/do prayers/etc she whipped out names like nobody's business. So she's already got half a foot in the water already. :) 

As for Lulu, she has lots of doubts and trials. Without the support of a mom, and worrying about not being able to be ready and all, it's really hard. But we are going to make a concentrated effort to contact her daily and read scriptures, and finishing teaching her. But she is also super ready to be baptized. Sometimes it's just the doubts that come, and the whisperings of Satan. But the Zone Leaders came to a lesson with us, and gave her a priesthood blessing, which basically was just filled with hope. She's undergone a lot of changes in her life, and sometimes that's hard.

But anyways, ALSO. We've been trying to find this family. We don't know where they live. BUT we found Maria. She is like in her 80s, and she studied with the Testigos de Jeova por 9 aƱos(Jehovah's Witnesses for 9 years, and), y they finally were just like "you need to make a choice to come out and do missionary work with us." But if she did, her husband said he would divorce her. So she was praying and praying  to know what to do, and so the day she was going to knock doors with the JW's, the lady forgot. AFTER 9 YEARS of going over and reading scriptures, the lady forgot to come over. So Maria said, "well, then this is the last time we will have Bible study." And now she's just going to a Christian church! It was so crazy! And she's so spry! We went over yesterday because we forgot to set a return appointment, and she's like "Why are you here?" haha. what went though both of our minds was "we want to baptize you" but we obviously didn't say that. Haha. :) But we did talk a little about the Plan of Salvation with her, because her husband has since passed away, so we're hoping to teach her more this week and we'll see what happens!!

Other than that, Texas is great. Sister Crouch is so positive, and even though the road is bumpy and we can't see the end in sight, it's still a road, and it's still the right road to be on. A bend in the road is not the end of the road.

Love y'all!
Sister Fry

Monday, April 17, 2017

Week of Celebrations

This week we celebrated almost every day.

Tuesday we went to a baby shower! The best part of it was that we, las misioneras [the missionaries] participated in a game. In fact the last game, and the messiest. I sat on a chair while Sister Crouch shoveled applesauce into my mouth with a baby spoon--blindfolded. Let's just say that the whole room was laughing as the applesauce went just about everywhere but my mouth. :) Sister Crouch's only excuse was that "I'm really competitive."

Wednesday was my "hump day" in the mission, so I am now officially over the hill (aka I hit my 9 month mark). We celebrated with a DQ blizzard. We also had a super BOMB lesson with Juany, one of our investigators. She is progressing super well! And she has changed, now she has a light that she didn't have before.

Thursday, we didn't really celebrate anything, but we did get to see a lot of miracles! We fasted that day and we went down to the southern part of our area: Plantation. We were able to find an inactive (who came to church! Granted, there were only 15 minutes left of church, but he came "Because I promised." so we stayed with him for the other ward's gospel principles class and sent him off to Priesthood after that.) we also found this lady who was baptized like 10 years  ago, but hasn't come since, so it was fun to remind her, and start teaching her the lessons again! We also met with this super dope 14 year old! He totally remembered our appointment and everything--only because we were 15 minutes late, and he had already left! But his mom called him and we taught them the Restoration!! We also went to a Baseball game for our investigators! It was adorable! 

Friday we celebrated many a birthday. Sister Crouch, that 14-now-15-year-old, and Lulu, another investigator. We also had interviews. BUT we got special permission from the AP's to be late because we had lessons with both of them! So we were running around all morning and were told NOT TO BE LATE, and arrived at 12pm. We were late nonetheless. So we parked and grabbed our stuff as quick as we could, ran into the chapel--and they were eating lunch. Haha. At least we got there "on time"!

Saturday we made Gorditas with Lulu and her mom! we each took a piece of the dough and tried making one... let's just say they tasted delicious. :)

Sunday. Easter Skirts, carrot cake, chocolate bunnies. And we did a musical number with the other sisters in our ward. It was mostly an excuse to try to get some less-actives to come, but none came. :( That's okay because we had great lessons on Easter, baptism, the susurros del Espiritu y [whisperings of the spirit] Sis Mora's daughter returned home from her mission!

The Church is true! God has a plan for all of us!
Love Sister Fry

I found a friend!

Monday, April 10, 2017


Well, we brought one person to church yesterday (Juaney) and there were six investigators there! All of our investigators with a baptismal date were there: Juaney, Lulu, and her son. So we're super excited for the end of the month!! I don't know if I have said this before, but we are baptizing 5 this month. President Torres told Sister Crouch that on Transfer Tuesday, and then that next Wednesday he told us that it was going to be a family. And so we are trying to find families and we need at least two more investigators to have a baptismal date!! (and that's why this Sunday was the semi-finals. Because next Sunday is our Superbowl, and if they don't come next week, it won't be impossible for them to get baptized this month, but it will just be harder. And we were talking about that (baptizing five--we both have not had many baptisms on our missions), and I said, "I think we are taking this rather well. Many people would be stressed, and we could be stressed--" and I kind of stopped there, and we both were like "yes! we definitely could be really stressed and overwhelmed." But we're not! We are just stressed enough to keep working. This is an impossible task that God has set in front of us, to have five convert baptisms this month, and we don't know how to do it. But, with the infinite wisdom from Sister Crouch, "God has the ability to give us the ability to do all the things he needs us to do." And so that is what we are doing. Prayers and fasts are appreciated to help us find our last two and get them all in the water on the 30th! Thank you!

Next topic: God answers prayers. Last night it's like 8:40, and we are getting ready to head back home, and we knocked on one last door. This nice old lady opened the door and we asked if we could sing her a song (Sis Crouch is bomb at playing the Uke) And so when we were starting to sing, I just said a tiny prayer that if she felt the Spirit and was ready to accept the Gospel, just to let her cry. AND SHE DID!!!!!!! She shed a tear, so we're going to go back this week and share our testimonies with her. She is so sweet. Tender mercies like that show me that God really does care about me and that He does answer prayers, even little silly ones. :) I love God!

We have been working super hard, trying to do all that we need to do, finding, teaching, learning, eating every now and again, going to members, etc. And it's also starting to get a little warm outside. So we'll be drinking much water. Sister Crouch on this morning's humidity: "We're not supposed to swim."

In other news, I finally learned how to spell definitely correctly. De-finite-ly. Magical. #s/o: Sister Crouch
Love, Sister Fry

Monday, April 3, 2017

The shortest 8 hours of my life

And no--it's not the hours from 10:30pm-6:20am. It's general Conference weekend!!

Conference was wonderful, investigators came, we have some super good goals for this week, lessons and members and investigators galore, and I am already out of time! Sorry! I hope that you (and I) can rewatch and relisten and reread the talks given from our Prophet. That is a truth we have shared so many times this last week with people: that we have a prophet TODAY that leads and directs the church just like in Bible times. And I love it! Watch it on 
Con amor, Sister Fry