Thursday, April 27, 2017

It's Coming!!

The end of the transfer, the end of the month, the end of Sister Crouch's mission :((((, our baptisms and EVERYTHING! ahhh!

Updates: Juany is super excited to be baptized this weekend, when we asked about who she wanted to speak/do prayers/etc she whipped out names like nobody's business. So she's already got half a foot in the water already. :) 

As for Lulu, she has lots of doubts and trials. Without the support of a mom, and worrying about not being able to be ready and all, it's really hard. But we are going to make a concentrated effort to contact her daily and read scriptures, and finishing teaching her. But she is also super ready to be baptized. Sometimes it's just the doubts that come, and the whisperings of Satan. But the Zone Leaders came to a lesson with us, and gave her a priesthood blessing, which basically was just filled with hope. She's undergone a lot of changes in her life, and sometimes that's hard.

But anyways, ALSO. We've been trying to find this family. We don't know where they live. BUT we found Maria. She is like in her 80s, and she studied with the Testigos de Jeova por 9 aƱos(Jehovah's Witnesses for 9 years, and), y they finally were just like "you need to make a choice to come out and do missionary work with us." But if she did, her husband said he would divorce her. So she was praying and praying  to know what to do, and so the day she was going to knock doors with the JW's, the lady forgot. AFTER 9 YEARS of going over and reading scriptures, the lady forgot to come over. So Maria said, "well, then this is the last time we will have Bible study." And now she's just going to a Christian church! It was so crazy! And she's so spry! We went over yesterday because we forgot to set a return appointment, and she's like "Why are you here?" haha. what went though both of our minds was "we want to baptize you" but we obviously didn't say that. Haha. :) But we did talk a little about the Plan of Salvation with her, because her husband has since passed away, so we're hoping to teach her more this week and we'll see what happens!!

Other than that, Texas is great. Sister Crouch is so positive, and even though the road is bumpy and we can't see the end in sight, it's still a road, and it's still the right road to be on. A bend in the road is not the end of the road.

Love y'all!
Sister Fry

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