Monday, April 10, 2017


Well, we brought one person to church yesterday (Juaney) and there were six investigators there! All of our investigators with a baptismal date were there: Juaney, Lulu, and her son. So we're super excited for the end of the month!! I don't know if I have said this before, but we are baptizing 5 this month. President Torres told Sister Crouch that on Transfer Tuesday, and then that next Wednesday he told us that it was going to be a family. And so we are trying to find families and we need at least two more investigators to have a baptismal date!! (and that's why this Sunday was the semi-finals. Because next Sunday is our Superbowl, and if they don't come next week, it won't be impossible for them to get baptized this month, but it will just be harder. And we were talking about that (baptizing five--we both have not had many baptisms on our missions), and I said, "I think we are taking this rather well. Many people would be stressed, and we could be stressed--" and I kind of stopped there, and we both were like "yes! we definitely could be really stressed and overwhelmed." But we're not! We are just stressed enough to keep working. This is an impossible task that God has set in front of us, to have five convert baptisms this month, and we don't know how to do it. But, with the infinite wisdom from Sister Crouch, "God has the ability to give us the ability to do all the things he needs us to do." And so that is what we are doing. Prayers and fasts are appreciated to help us find our last two and get them all in the water on the 30th! Thank you!

Next topic: God answers prayers. Last night it's like 8:40, and we are getting ready to head back home, and we knocked on one last door. This nice old lady opened the door and we asked if we could sing her a song (Sis Crouch is bomb at playing the Uke) And so when we were starting to sing, I just said a tiny prayer that if she felt the Spirit and was ready to accept the Gospel, just to let her cry. AND SHE DID!!!!!!! She shed a tear, so we're going to go back this week and share our testimonies with her. She is so sweet. Tender mercies like that show me that God really does care about me and that He does answer prayers, even little silly ones. :) I love God!

We have been working super hard, trying to do all that we need to do, finding, teaching, learning, eating every now and again, going to members, etc. And it's also starting to get a little warm outside. So we'll be drinking much water. Sister Crouch on this morning's humidity: "We're not supposed to swim."

In other news, I finally learned how to spell definitely correctly. De-finite-ly. Magical. #s/o: Sister Crouch
Love, Sister Fry

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