Monday, April 17, 2017

Week of Celebrations

This week we celebrated almost every day.

Tuesday we went to a baby shower! The best part of it was that we, las misioneras [the missionaries] participated in a game. In fact the last game, and the messiest. I sat on a chair while Sister Crouch shoveled applesauce into my mouth with a baby spoon--blindfolded. Let's just say that the whole room was laughing as the applesauce went just about everywhere but my mouth. :) Sister Crouch's only excuse was that "I'm really competitive."

Wednesday was my "hump day" in the mission, so I am now officially over the hill (aka I hit my 9 month mark). We celebrated with a DQ blizzard. We also had a super BOMB lesson with Juany, one of our investigators. She is progressing super well! And she has changed, now she has a light that she didn't have before.

Thursday, we didn't really celebrate anything, but we did get to see a lot of miracles! We fasted that day and we went down to the southern part of our area: Plantation. We were able to find an inactive (who came to church! Granted, there were only 15 minutes left of church, but he came "Because I promised." so we stayed with him for the other ward's gospel principles class and sent him off to Priesthood after that.) we also found this lady who was baptized like 10 years  ago, but hasn't come since, so it was fun to remind her, and start teaching her the lessons again! We also met with this super dope 14 year old! He totally remembered our appointment and everything--only because we were 15 minutes late, and he had already left! But his mom called him and we taught them the Restoration!! We also went to a Baseball game for our investigators! It was adorable! 

Friday we celebrated many a birthday. Sister Crouch, that 14-now-15-year-old, and Lulu, another investigator. We also had interviews. BUT we got special permission from the AP's to be late because we had lessons with both of them! So we were running around all morning and were told NOT TO BE LATE, and arrived at 12pm. We were late nonetheless. So we parked and grabbed our stuff as quick as we could, ran into the chapel--and they were eating lunch. Haha. At least we got there "on time"!

Saturday we made Gorditas with Lulu and her mom! we each took a piece of the dough and tried making one... let's just say they tasted delicious. :)

Sunday. Easter Skirts, carrot cake, chocolate bunnies. And we did a musical number with the other sisters in our ward. It was mostly an excuse to try to get some less-actives to come, but none came. :( That's okay because we had great lessons on Easter, baptism, the susurros del Espiritu y [whisperings of the spirit] Sis Mora's daughter returned home from her mission!

The Church is true! God has a plan for all of us!
Love Sister Fry

I found a friend!

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