Monday, May 8, 2017

Too many things!!

First: my greenie, Sister Ellsworth, is doing great! She's from Houston, but has moved around a lot because her dad is in the military. She's adjusting pretty well, considering how many things we had to do this week. Seeing things from the other end is super fun because it's just a whirlwind of new things for new missionaries! Also, all the members/anyone we meet ask her "do you know Spanish?" and when she talks/bears her testimony they say, "que hermosa" o "que chiquita!" It's super funny. :) We are all learning! It's been hard but fun to take the role, and look over and Sis Ellsworth is totally lost, and I'm just like "bear your testimony!" but she always brings such a humble Spirit with her testimony and her prayers. She's great!

Second: PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There has been a Zika outbreak in the TMM! (specifically Brownsville, I believe, but not sure)ANYWAYS, Thursday, we got a text that we need to wear SLACKS. So we will be the only mission in the US that wears pants. The mission will cover the cost of getting them for us, so that's what we'll be doing today. At first we were like "NO! we love skirts!" but then we were like "we can ride our bikes like the elders!" and "we don't have to worry about windy days!" #alwayswindyinSouthTexas

But yeah, other than that life is good here en el valle(the valley). Lulu and her son are preparing to be baptized this week. And we're just trying to find people and teach them!

Tender mercies:
First--I'll get to Skype this week! And see my lovely family :)
Second--We met this guy, Brother Villarreal. He is 63 or 73 years old (Spanish man, I can't remember) But anyways, we went over again on Sunday and we feel like he really needs to be baptized before he dies. Like really bad. We felt the Spirit when we have gone over the past two times, and feel like God really needs him on His side. 

Love y'all!
The Lord is watching over us!
Sister Fry

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