Saturday, June 17, 2017

En El Pueblo de Sion (In the village of Zion)

Well this was quite the week!! We contacted and contacted and contacted (or tracted, knocked doors--whatever y'all wanna call it.)

We had a bomb Zone meeting Tuesday where we learned how to keep our animo up! And it worked amazingly well since normally when a missionary doesn't have investigators they get sad. :( BUT not us!! 

This week my testimony grew of Family History. Haha. I even posted about it on Facebook through our Family History consultant. (He gave his phone to me and asked me to bear my testimony.) Tuesday night I helped a 5 year old, Abel, start indexing. He did five documents. It was the cutest thing. So, if your child can read, they can index!! :D Wednesday a super-important-Family-History-person came to see how our area was doing. (see photo attached). We didn't stay, but did have a BOMB lesson with this family of seven, hopefully they will progress--we'll see.

This week summer came, and while down in Plantation (contacting--what else??) we found the perfect place for a temple!! Though it is a little small. :/

Sunday night we went over to Miguel's with Brother Gonzalez and his son, and talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is hard for many to think how they can be forgiven if they have done something wrong. His doubts come from not coming to church for years and wanting to know if he can be forgiven for the things that he's done. But Joseph Smith really interested him, so we are going over to the Gonzalez's home Tuesday to watch the Restoration.

This week I definitely shushed a member. BUT-here's the story. We went over to a less-actives' house and he gave his spiel, and kept talking about this one tangent (meanwhile, we are very hydrated and so we definitely need to use the bathroom--we stood there for 40 minutes, and were 10 minutes from home). And then I said something and Sister Ellsworth (whom we love!) started bearing her testimony and then he started interrupting! (side note--when before we started talking, we made sure it was "our turn" to talk.) So I shushed him, and he's like "oh sorry, it's your turn, I'll stop talking, please continue." haha. It was funny.

In other news we also had fun in our apartment and are living the law of consecration. I studied the Word of Wisdom (HEALTH CODE!!!!!!!!) and am starting a plan and covenanted with God and it's all GREAT!! :D Anyways, so we bought groceries and we all came home and were like "I bought cucumbers!" "I bought apples" "I got the bread!" It was super funny. So if you need some knowledge about what you should be eating--study the Word of Wisdom in Doctrine and Covenants 89. I feel better already!

But I think that is all. I am noticing the changes I have made while on a mission, an am grateful to be here every single day. #11monthsTODAY!!! And with transfers we are staying!! So I'll be here for Juany's wedding (Thursday!!), my 11-month and 12-month mark on the mission, a mission farewell, and many more miracles yet to come. 30 More Weeks!!! Ahhhh!! Super exciting! :D

With love from a happy, healthy missionary,
Sister Fry

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