Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Kissed by the Sun, Drenched by the Rain

Super amazing week. We have been talking a lot about establishing Zion here in the stake, and we knew that it needed to start with us. AND THIS WEEK WAS BOMB. We were working super hard as a companionship so that we could be happy and have animo and be servicful and everything!! And it was so cool!!

It was un poco caliente (a little warm) this week, but it was SO FUN!! So Friday we had to take our car in to Chuck (our fix-it-felix) because our bumper was falling off and we got dinged by a shopping cart. SO we've been carless since! And we called today to see if it was ready and he said that he ordered the wrong bumper--so more BIKE DAYS!!!!!! So we have been hydrating like nobody's business and getting rides from the sisters to church and stuff. But Saturday the sun was muy fuerte(very strong) and Sister Ellsworth got un poco(a little) sunburned on her arms and so did I!! And then we were talking to Arturo to see if he was going to come to church/get baptized/come to the baptism that night, and he's like "If it starts raining I will have to stop working" so I--of course--said "well, we will pray for it to rain!!" And not 5 minutes later it started pouring!!!! He didn't come for the baptism, but it was pretty fun. :)

Yesterday we went over to Bishop's house for dinner and they have two 20-something boys at home and it was a tex-mex filled night!! They all speak both languages, while Bishop only understands English. But there were chismes (gossip?) and jokes all over the place in English and Spanish. jaja.

The Tex-Mex is strong here!!

Other than that it's been a pretty great week! With biking to the moon and back and sweating like crazy, it's been pretty fun. Josh is leaving for his mission here on July 4th, to Tacoma Washington, and he gave his farewell talk. Super trunky. I remember doing that!! haha

All is well here in South Texas, and I couldn't ask for anything more.
Sister Fry
 They weren't actually Mormon, but... someone who lived there was....

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