Monday, July 31, 2017

No Mires Tras Ti (Look not behind thee)

Well, as everyone is just dying to know, my companion's name is Sister Jamile ("Ja-Mile") and she is from Hawaii! She has been out just a few short weeks, but she could fool me! So congratz to her trainer!! I'm in San Benito  ("Sanny B" as the missionaries say), which is in Harlingen Zone, an hour east of Mission/McAllen. We have a branch, and about 109 people came to church yesterday!! So we are super pumped! The stake wants to split so we have a Harlingen stake and a Brownsville stake, and we need just a few more priesthood holders to make our branch a ward. :) So we are working on that. Also since it was the 5th Sunday of the month yesterday, we were combined for the 3rd hour, the Relief Society, Priesthood, and Youth. And one of the branch counselors talked about testimony. What that is and why it's important and what comprises a testimony. He asked what we teach to the chiquitos--los niños para enseñarles como dar sus testimonios.(children to teach them now to give their testimonies). And I had absolutely no idea, so I whipped out my planner to take some notes. He said that we testify about God, Jesus Christ, the scriptures, the Restoration, and Joseph Smith. And basically everything else falls into those categories. Having a living prophet, the priesthood, temples and family history, etc. And he said that even though you may bear the same testimony/say the same things/testify of the same things as the person before you, they are the truths that we know. That really impressed me. It was amazing. I learned a lot. Then the other counselor got up and talked about the importance of The Book of Mormon. And why it is important to read it. He issued us a challenge to read The Book of Mormon in three months. And in order to do that we need to read 3 chapters a day. So I will finish The Book of Mormon tomorrow and start over again Wednesday. I will be finishing The Book of Mormon from reading it in three months myself to help with a prospective-elder-now-elder in Mission. So I'm excited!! And that means I will be able to read The Book of Mormon two more times before going home!!!!!!!!! YAY!!

I think I have learned more about what it takes to have a ward/stake/temple on the mission than I ever knew before! And why elders are so important, what the "caring ratio" is--how many elders to everybody else. It's crazy!!

Also the transition coming here was a little rough. I adjusted well, but then I still wasn't "all here," I wasn't "all-in". So Saturday I prayed and explained what I was feeling and God said "Remember Lot's Wife." (Lucas 17:32) Lot and his family were asked to leave Sodom and to "look thee not behind thee/no mires tras ti" (Genesis 19:17) And Lot's wife turned back to look on the city and was turned into a pillar of salt. I read a talk from Elder Holland from BYU ( and he explained that it wasn't so bad that she looked behind her, but what was wrong was that she longed to go back. She left her heart in the city, and couldn't imagine a better life than the one she knew in Sodom. SO, after I got jacked a little bit, I repented and tried to look at San Benito with hope and love. And to leave Mission and just be here. AND IT'S BEEN AMAZING!!! If you ask for help from our Heavenly Father, He will help you! I love being here, and my eyes have been re-opened, and I am no longer looking behind me with longing. Yes looking back into the past is good, but it's like a rear-view mirror. If we look at it too long, we could crash and things won't be as happy.

"Faith is for the FUTURE!!!" "The future is as bright as your faith!!"--President Monson
I know as we strive to not look behind us with longing, but as we look forward "with an eye single to the glory of God" (D+C 4:5)  we will receive countless blessings from God.
So move forward!!
Hermana Fry

a priest I found! We are friends now.

I can now officially say I've seen the Statue of Liberty. :)

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