Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Survived and Thriving!!

My dear people:

This week was quite the week!

Tuesday was super good because we had a meeting as a zone about what we can do to show God that he can trust us/how we can put more trust in God, and then zone conference was good too! 

Tuesday we also met Billy and Ray (they are brothers). They were sitting in their truck, and we felt impressed to give them a card. So we did and said that God sent us there for a reason and Ray agreed. We talked with them for a while, and after a few minutes we said something along the lines of "we've only known you for a few minutes, but how do you guys feel?" (we were talking about happiness) and Ray said that he felt really good and that it felt like we had known them forever. Anyways, we set up an appointment, but then they couldn't make it, so we went over Friday night and talked with Ray. He talked a lot, and then we were super bold and told him that God sent us there so that he can change his life. And then we invited him to be baptized. AND HE CRIED. This big, tattooed man had tears running down his face.He felt the Spirit.

Other than that it's been a pretty normal week! We have really been guided by the Spirit this week. It's funny because Sister Jamile and I aren't really all that alike, but because we have the Spirit, we are more unified and are working towards the same goal! We have grown so much together, through the good and the bad. It's crazy to think that we have already been together for almost an entire transfer! It's crazy how time flies! And after this one's done, I'll only have three more?! Where did the time go??

Also Hurricane Harvey! We got a call at 11pm Wednesday night from our Zone Leaders asking us where our evacuation place is, and then Thursday we had our bags packed just in case we needed to leave. Friday they evacuated Brownsville so we had Sisters Estrada and Nielson with us for the day and they returned home Saturday. We are pretty sure the missionaries in Corpus and Sinton are still here in the valley, and we don't know when they will return. But we are grateful we are safe!

Thursday night our AC also went out, so they're still trying to fix that. haha. It's amazing to see how accustomed we become to certain things. :D

Have a great week! Trust in God!
Sister Fry
Hurricanes make for really pretty sunsets!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Solar Eclipse and President Monson's Birthday

Well, today is an exciting day. Not only is there going to be a Solar Eclipse (Sister Juchau's mom sent her a package and told her about the solar eclipse, so we now have glasses--see photo below), but it's also President Monson's 90th birthday!! yay! I am so grateful we have a prophet on the earth today. I love teaching people and reminding people that we have a prophet--someone that leads and guides us TODAY and receives revelation for us. How to use technology, how to stay away from pornography, how to stay out of debt, etc. I am eternally grateful for this gospel and the chance I have to share it every day.

Moving forward, on Tuesday, we hit the jackpot!! We found these really cool apartments and met a ton of cool people there! (A story about Eric will follow). So we've gone back several other times this week to follow-up/go to our return appointments, but nothing has happened. :/ Our Zone Leaders invited us to set a goal for how many times we teach the Restoration each week, and I feel like just Tuesday we just taught it a million times!! What a tender mercy!!

So Eric. We went back to a return appointment with Ana, but Eric opened up the door. We have no idea who he is or how (or IF) he's related to Ana, but he opened up the door with Ana's youngest (like 4month old baby--who fell asleep during the time we were talking to him) in his arms, baby spit-up on his shirt, and wearing dress shoes. It was really funny. He gave us a vague address and said he'd come to church (which he didn't). But Ana's other kids (she has 4) spilled some water on the floor, and then proceeded to slurp it up off the floor. haha. Right in the middle of testifying about the Book of Mormon, and he's like "yeah.. sometimes they pretend they are horses." :) Haha. So that was pretty funny.

Friday we had interviews!! We were told to be at the Harlingen Stake Center at 12pm, but didn't end up having our interviews until like 3pm. haha. but we studied scriptures, spanish with Elder Valdez, and played some games to keep us entertained (see photo below). It was a really good interview. President Torres said that I am not the girl that came into the mission, and that God really loves me, and that HE loves me. :) It was so cool! Especially because those were the things that I have learned over the past few months, and that just testified to me!

Also, We have now gone two weeks with all 0's in our key indicators (no baptisms, no one at church, nobody with baptismal dates, and no new investigators). BUT we have more direction with that ANNNNNDDDD!! Saturday night we knocked on the Salinas' door and Juan Jr (20) and his cousin (16) walked out and we talked with them for like an hour (and a little more--oops). BUT we felt the Spirit so strong. They feel like their prayers aren't being answered, and that they have lost their faith. So we talked a lot about that and will see them this Saturday.

Phew! Sorry this week's was so long, but I love you all and gotta run!
Love, Hermana Fry

Monday, August 14, 2017

White Wash TMM

SO: This week we have knocked so many doors!! Mostly because we did a White Wash of the mission. AKA we dropped/stopped teaching the people that weren't progressing (i.e. not coming to church, reading, praying, etc.) and we didn't have very many people to begin with, but we still dropped those that we had, and are starting afresh!

We got a little discouraged near Thursday, but kept our animo going. What has really helped is that we have been unified as a companionship. That and the Spirit and just being willing to go and do (not sit and stew) have really kept our animo/spirits up.

This week we have many-a-return-appointments, and we are very excited for all the people that we have met this last week. DUDE we are so pumped!! During the week, probably Thursday, we just kind of sat in the car (cooling off for a few minutes before we went out to work again) and I just said "I am ready for my blessings now!!" But we continue on in patience and in hope that the elect are here, and we are growing so much in the process!

God will help us in whatever we are going through. Sometimes (oftentimes) God needs us to trudge through the mud, or climb EVERY mountain. But it's always for our best. God knows where all the prepared people are here in San Benito, but what good would that do us if he just sent us there? We need to be converted. We need to be obedient to every prompting we receive. That's really what God is asking of us. And bringing someone to the Gospel of Jesus Christ is just a nice bonus along the way. :)

Love y'all!
Sister Fry
"If I touch these wires together will the doorbell ring?" Answer: yes.
A couple weeks ago we had a friend hang out with us for a while (actually he FELL FROM A TREE and scared us half to death). But enjoyed the ride!
This is Chiquitin (I don't know how to spell it, but that's how you say it) he's an adorable 3-year-old in our ward. And his rainboots LIGHT UP

Monday, August 7, 2017

(no subject)

Tuesday we had exchanges, so I went with Sister Cademis to Brownsville! It was fun because I got to see my MTC companion, Sister Nischan! It was fun to be with two previous companions!

Wednesday I found some more family names to send to the temple!! Yay! and on Friday I helped a sister find information about her dad, and we found a marriage record and his birth record! The gift of tongues is real because somehow I helped her read this scribbled-old-cursive-document IN SPANISH. It was crazy!

Yesterday I "played" the piano in Sacrament meeting, and couldn't figure out why the organ setting was so quiet--the volume was all the way up! Then I remembered that little pedal thing and I made it louder. Haha. Oh the joys of being a missionary.

We are still finding and contacting and finding. The Zone leaders called us on Saturday and reminded us that President Torres and Heavenly Father trust us and put us in this area for a reason. And we need to do everything we can to do His will here. They also challenged us to make a goal of how many times we teach the Restoration this week. So we will be growing our testimony of that as well. They promised that we would be able to find more people so we are going to cash in on those blessings this week!

I love being a missionary! The church is true, wherever you are in the world! Be humbe, follow your leaders, and read some scriptres!
Love you!
Sister Fry