Monday, August 7, 2017

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Tuesday we had exchanges, so I went with Sister Cademis to Brownsville! It was fun because I got to see my MTC companion, Sister Nischan! It was fun to be with two previous companions!

Wednesday I found some more family names to send to the temple!! Yay! and on Friday I helped a sister find information about her dad, and we found a marriage record and his birth record! The gift of tongues is real because somehow I helped her read this scribbled-old-cursive-document IN SPANISH. It was crazy!

Yesterday I "played" the piano in Sacrament meeting, and couldn't figure out why the organ setting was so quiet--the volume was all the way up! Then I remembered that little pedal thing and I made it louder. Haha. Oh the joys of being a missionary.

We are still finding and contacting and finding. The Zone leaders called us on Saturday and reminded us that President Torres and Heavenly Father trust us and put us in this area for a reason. And we need to do everything we can to do His will here. They also challenged us to make a goal of how many times we teach the Restoration this week. So we will be growing our testimony of that as well. They promised that we would be able to find more people so we are going to cash in on those blessings this week!

I love being a missionary! The church is true, wherever you are in the world! Be humbe, follow your leaders, and read some scriptres!
Love you!
Sister Fry

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